The Baby Boomer Effect

Something completely different and perhaps we can start a thread about this. If there are brighter minds than mine, which I am sure there are, maybe they can share their thoughts. What I want to share with you is something we will all be facing soon, and that is the Baby Boomer effect. I did a significant amount of research on this that led me to create a very complex and admittedly mess of formulas and numbers that attempt to forecast how baby boomers will impact Canada over the next few decades.

It’s quite eye-opening, and the impact during and after will be significant. The impact will build peaking for around 10 years and significantly affect all parts of the economy. Will this mean double-digit interest rates and inflation? Will federal taxes be raised, and will there be a new tax? Will there be quotas on civil liberties? This will have a massive impact on employers, our healthcare system and the overall socio-economic structures.

I am posting this because it brings great concern to the massive debt Trudeau plans to take on at a time when the majority of the taxpayers will soon no longer be contributing to paying it off, leaving it to our children and their children. This should become an agenda item and subject with parliament as we all need to plan to get through this. Have any of you ever thought about this? Does this concern you?

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