The Big Reset – They Didn’t See That Coming.

So here we are; we have a government pitting us against each other, reminiscent of the early days of Nazi Germany when the Nazi propaganda consistently blamed the Jewish population for Germany’s economic ills. Through Hitler’s relentless propaganda of blaming the jews, all other Germans turned against them and soon dehumanized them. Once the Jews were the evil in the eyes of every other German, we know what transpired after.  

Today Trudeau, who is following in the footsteps of the Fuhrer, has made it very clear and blamed the unvaccinated for holding back the economy and its recovery. He did this many times, repeating this as Hitler instructed his subordinates to do. 

The one question not being answered is if the vaccine is working as it is said to be doing, then the vaccinated should be able to carry on without issue since they are “immunized.” What does it matter if some of the population is not vaccinated? For those who get infected, we have therapeutics.  

So can someone please educate me on how the government’s logic works and please do not explain it as it’s to protect our health care system? I already wrote about this topic at great length, and I do not buy this argument. 

So while we all bicker and fight, believe it or not, there are more critical things orbiting that will make COVID seem like a bad cold, no pun intended. 

Words to remember or jot down:

We are currently tripping along. “Build Back Better”, I am sure you have heard that before,  is a politically-charged phrase that serves as a mantra in the “The Great Reset”. It’s an euphemism used by globalist-minded leaders like Justin Trudeau whose objective is to redesign capitalism, advance an international green agenda, and ultimately establish a new global order. I know it sounds out there, but the pieces are starting to fall into place based on some of the recent announcements Trudeau has made.  

I hope I am wrong, but too many shifts in the socioeconomic surface can be explained as a coincidence and not a carefully crafted orchestration of logistical moves to put in place the “Big Reset.”

Soon the anxiety about the world’s social and economic prospects will intensify. The economic downturn triggered by the devastation left behind by COVID and amplified by the Baby Boomer Effect may lead countries’ economies to their worst depression since the 1930s.

One of the most significant and most impactful, earth-shifting changes that ensure the success of the Big Reset is the requirement to tether all private sector to government regulatory controls. “Governments and regulators must intervene to ensure the costs of environmental and social damage are internalized by the companies responsible: profits cannot come at the expense of long-term societal resilience.” This statement leaves so much interpretation as to how far-reaching the government will go to achieve such an outcome. There is no telling what control state we will be living in. 

What was once called a conspiracy theory is now confirmed by Trudeau, as we can see the elites using this COVID crisis as an excuse to centralize power and reshape our lives in their own image. 

If Trudeau wants to fundamentally change Canada into some kind of Euro-Green socialist utopia, he should seek a mandate from the people. Should we all not have a chance to vote on the country’s recovery plan that will have such generational changes that will impact our children and their children’s children?

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