What the hell is going on with AI?

Have you ever stopped to consider the power dynamics at play in the world of artificial intelligence? It’s easy to get caught up in AI hype and its potential to revolutionize our lives, but the reality is that those in charge may already be ruining it.

I recently asked ChatGPT, a highly advanced AI language model, a science question. Its response initially seemed reasonable, acknowledging that while AI may have access to vast amounts of scientific data, it may lack the ability to understand the nuances of scientific research and the social and political factors that shape scientific consensus. But when I called it out on this statement, pointing out that science doesn’t care about feelings and that facts are facts, ChatGPT’s response gave me pause. While it apologized for any confusion, it argued that social and political factors shape how scientific research is interpreted and communicated to the public.

While there may be a sliver of truth to this, the fact that an AI language model is pushing the idea of “shaping science” to fit a political bias or address hurt feelings is truly disturbing. We rely on AI to provide unbiased and accurate information based on science and nothing but. The idea that those in who feel they are in charge, one being the WEF, have already put their greasy paws all over AI regarding climate change may violate its virtue to influence its output further to suit their globalist agendas. This is deeply concerning and should truly worry us all. It’s time to take a closer look at the power dynamics at play in the world of AI and to demand transparency and accountability from those who control its development and implementation, as well as ensure its purity is not soiled since the future of AI is too important to leave in the hands of a select few.

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