Reality Check: Electric Vehicles will soon be a thing of the past

If you consider yourself green, you better be good at math also because it’s time for a wake-up call. Let’s get right into it and talk about the issues with Electric Cars, including how they are produced and what they are made of. Lithium is a critical component in the batteries used in electric vehicles (EVs). If there are shortages of lithium or if prices for lithium increase, it could make EVs more expensive, making them less accessible to consumers. This could slow the growth of the EV market and make it more difficult for manufacturers to meet emissions targets. Lithium prices have recently doubled, and making matters worse, insufficient quantities to achieve our government’s goal of 50% of all car sales being electric by 2030. There is more than one mainline material supply issue to produce the volumes of EVs needed. With skyrocketing material costs, it is not unreasonable to expect EV prices to be far out of reach for most families and keep the prices attractive enough so that people can afford them. Some of the mainline materials would need to be more than quadrupled; in some cases, ten times more is required. Never in the history of manufacturing has there been a decade where we have doubled a mainline supply line material.

One answer could be increasing the number of lithium fields; from what we know, we would need 600. Each lithium field is the size of many urban towns, and adding hundreds of new lithium fields to meet the rising demand for EVs would impact the environment. Extracting lithium from the earth requires significant amounts of water, which can be scarce in many regions where lithium is found. The process of extracting lithium can also generate pollution and damage local ecosystems. Additionally, the increased mining activity could lead to habitat destruction and the displacement of local communities. We also have to consider all the fossil fuels used to build, extract and ship the lithium, let alone the hundreds of thousands of birds that would die as a result of landing in these lithium fields; hardly eco-friendly, but to the greenies who cannot do the math; I am sure this will slip on by.

Due to skyrocketing mainline material costs, Electric Cars will soon be too expensive for the average family!

Additionally, we know now that until there is clean energy, electric cars do not reduce carbon emissions; they export their carbon footprint further up the chain, where their production creates a massive carbon footprint. This is due to many, if not the vast majority, of their parts coming from China, which uses coal to fuel their power plants and fossil fuels to power the ships that bring those parts to where they are needed, usually thousands of miles away.

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