The inconvenient truth of the climate crisis

There is so much narrative that paints a wildly inaccurate picture of the realities of climate change. Some mislabel some as climate change deniers who are not at all and have never claimed climate change does not exist. The debate or difference of opinion is that although there is climate change, this has been something that has been happening since the beginning of the earth billions of years ago. The issue is that some do not believe climate change is a climate crisis, and the causation of climate change falls primarily on the shoulders of carbon and human interference, which is not factual. Greenland ice cores contain records of past atmospheric conditions, including levels of greenhouse gases and temperature. Scientists can learn about past temperature and precipitation patterns in Greenland by studying the oxygen isotopes in the ice cores. This information is essential for understanding the Earth’s climate system and how it has changed over time. The recent findings being analyzed from the Greenland project scientifically prove this. The core samples from drilling miles into the Greenland shelf show that as the earth cooled, temperatures fluctuated more than when the earth warmed.

Over the last 10,000 years, the earth has not been warming but cooling. Still, if one takes a sample of a few hundred years of a warming cycle that is part of the larger aggregate of cooling, one could wrongly interpret that as global warming and look for reasons to support their “findings.”

Since we now have this accurate proxy of climate change, we can dispel the alarm bells being rung over a climate crisis. We continually hear about carbon’s catastrophic impact on the planet, but very recent findings completely discredit these messages. Over the last 30 years, there has been a gradual increase in the CO2 level; we know this, and we are not disputing this, but what is important to note is that despite the horrific deforestation predictions we heard for decades, what in fact that has been told has been happening, the planet’s vegetation has grown by about 20%. With this expansion of vegetation on the planet, nature lovers largely owe it to the increase in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. About the supposed link between global warming and CO2 emissions, it is simply not true that CO2 has a significant greenhouse effect. CO2 represents only 0.04% of the composition of the air. A primary greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is, in fact, water vapour which is ten times more potent than CO2 in its greenhouse effect. Although these facts are, in principle, taught at school and at university, we still manage to incriminate CO2 alongside this learning that conflates the impact of CO2 on the greenhouse effect.

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