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A Revolution in the Making

I want to be clear that I am in no way condoning violence or anything like that; this is merely a thought on the psychology at play and hypothesis. If history has taught us one thing, it’s that betrayal can start a cascading set of emotions that turn once everyday respectful citizens into a bloodthirst…

Reality Check: Electric Vehicles will soon be a thing of the past

If you consider yourself green, you better be good at math also because it’s time for a wake-up call. Let’s get right into it and talk about the issues with Electric Cars, including how they are produced and what they are made of. Lithium is a critical component in the batteries used in electric vehicles…

The Suppression of Science

What has happened to science over the last couple of years is something that some have gone from bad to worse. Governments and oligarchs have, and continue to suppress science, doing so in the name of public interest and safety. But the underlying truth is that science is being suppressed. How often have you heard,…


If you think the COVID vaccines, with all the lies and mistruths, are unique, whereby the vaccines of the past were indeed good and responsible for saving millions of lives, ultimately resulting in the decline of mortality rates, you would be very wrong. The vaccines from the past were on another scale when it came…


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I cover controversial topics in the news. I research and analyze data, review published papers, and form opinions and arguments not popular with the social justice warriors of the world.

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