In Plain Sight

In an era when political corruption once operated in secrecy, today’s politicians are shamelessly vocalizing their deceitful plans in plain sight. The lockdowns have created a forum where leaders can espouse dubious ideologies and schemes without fear of being held accountable by the media or the public. Those questioning their agendas are often labelled as racist, misogynistic, or even domestic terrorists.

The COVID-19 pandemic has only intensified the absurdity of the situation. European politicians once suggested cats may transmit the virus, citing a false case as evidence. Meanwhile, natural immunity has been proven more effective than vaccination, but it took the CDC three years to finally admit it. Anyone who dared to mention this on social media was met with censorship and de-platforming.

Even more concerning is that the COVID-19 vaccine, which is still not fully approved by the FDA, has been administered to millions without proper clinical trials. No studies have been conducted on children, the sick, the elderly, or pregnant women, and no long-term studies on the effects of stacking mRNA in people. Yet, politicians like Justin Trudeau continue to promote the vaccine to children, even though COVID-19 is no longer an emergency.

Governments have stopped publishing death rate statistics and removed historical data to avoid correlation with recent “unexplained deaths.” However, morticians, funeral directors, and insurance companies have reported a significant increase in deaths, particularly among young people, post-pandemic. The only common factor in these cases is the mRNA vaccine, which has not been FDA-approved and has been the subject of documented cover-ups and lies.

The question remains: Is this the new normal, or have we lost all sense of accountability? The future is uncertain, with politicians openly promoting untested and potentially dangerous vaccines and the media failing to hold them accountable. It is up to us to demand transparency and accountability from those in power to ensure the safety of ourselves and our loved ones.

As I have stated time and time again, personal agency is critical. We must not blindly follow authority figures, most notably the WEF, who was not elected through some proper election process, but question them and demand transparency and honesty. Only by doing so can we take control of our lives and prevent being slaves to someone else’s agenda.

We need to heed the call to action and demand accountability from our leaders. It is time to take responsibility for our lives and refuse to be slaves to anyone else’s agenda.

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