A Revolution in the Making

I want to be clear that I am in no way condoning violence or anything like that; this is merely a thought on the psychology at play and hypothesis.

If history has taught us one thing, it’s that betrayal can start a cascading set of emotions that turn once everyday respectful citizens into a bloodthirst that would make a Stephen King novel seem like a bedtime story. Throughout history, we have seen examples where the feeling of betrayal mutated to rage, where extreme violence was the result causing massive death tolls. For instance, in the Russian Revolution of 1917: The Russian people, facing economic hardship and political oppression, became increasingly angry with the Tsarist government and eventually rose to revolution.

In the Iranian Revolution of 1979, when the Iranian people were so disillusioned with the regime of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who was seen as corrupt and oppressive, they eventually overthrew him. In the early 2010s, a wave of protests and revolutions swept across the Arab world as people in countries like Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya was driven to rage by the corruption, repression, and lack of political freedom under their governments. In 2018, the Yellow Vests movement began in France as a protest against fuel tax increases, but it quickly grew into a wider campaign against economic inequality and the government’s policies.

Many acts of violence took place during many of these revolutions, and many people died as many were executed. It is worth noting that not all instances of public anger and rage towards a government lead to violence; many times, peaceful protests and demonstrations are used to express their dissatisfaction, but in the case where lives are lost as a result of the actions of our leaders, and wealthy companies who profited, it would not be that much of reach, for extremes.

So, what does this have to do with today? Today we are seemingly on the cusp of creating betrayal worldwide. As some have been saying for many months, there are some serious issues with the COVID vaccine. Unfortunately, the mainstream media and governments have remained promoting it and promoting it to even children. Now, I am not even going to get into the vaccine in that it is not an actual vaccine but, in fact, mRNA gene therapy; I will not even talk about the fact that due to the family the COVID virus belongs to, the probability of having an effective vaccine is slim and none. I will talk about the fact that more and more people realize the emperor has no paints.

In recent weeks we have heard admissions of the serious side effects the vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer may be responsible for. And now, with the very recent news that the CDC themselves are setting off the alarm bells as to a link to myocarditis, it may have been the explosion that will start the avalanche of more bad news regarding the vaccine.

If things progress as they have been, as more information is leaked and, in some cases, lies and corruption exposed, over these next few months, hundreds of millions of people will soon feel a strong sense of betrayal on a level not seen before. This will be on a global scale, and there will be no steering this, which can only be described as an utter cluster-fuck of a situation into calmer waters, will surely result in some Clockwork Orange-level chaos. What will happen will be catastrophic as unexplained deaths continue to rise and people start to connect the dots that will all point to the mRNA gene therapy. With the pin pulled on this grenade, as more seemingly healthy people die for “unknown causes,” anger will soon turn to rage. People will see the billions of dollars of profits made, and what has been described as crimes against humanity will now be guilty in the minds and hearts of millions; the grenade will explode as rage will seek revenge. There will be a growing madness of who will pay and how they will pay, which may only be answered with blood. Some will see this as an eye for an eye revolution.

People like Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, and the many directly controlling the vaccine rollouts and lockdowns, the WHO, the CDC, the FDA, many health officials, and the media, to name a few, could very become targets. It would not be a far reach where kill lists are published, and people are taken out for their crimes against humanity. People will be so angered that there will be no appetite for years of trials and inquests. Instead, swift justice will be served as a blood-lust-filled rage grows. A revolution on a scale never seen before may take place that will forever change the reach of companies and the level of power individuals are permitted to possess. As revolutions grow, other issues of freedom and rights may become part of the revolt, fueling even more rage and uprise. Ultimately, governments may fall, companies may be ruined, and, in some cases, burn to the ground. Never again will there be another Operation Warp Speed or any emergency use authorization of any drug pushed onto the world.

From a psychological perspective, the transition from the emotion of betrayal to anger to rage and possibly violence can be understood as a natural response to perceived injustice and a lack of control. According to Dr. Jordan Peterson, when an individual feels betrayed, it creates a sense of vulnerability and a lack of safety. This vulnerability can lead to anger as the individual seeks to regain control and restore their sense of security. As the anger intensifies and a sense of injustice persists, it can lead to feelings of rage. Rage is a powerful emotion characterized by a desire for revenge and a willingness to use aggression to achieve one’s goals. This can manifest in verbal or physical violence if not channelled properly.

People have a fundamental need for order and fairness, and when they perceive that this need is not being met, it can lead to feelings of anger and rage. In the context of a government betraying its citizens, this sense of injustice can be particularly powerful, as it undermines the trust and stability necessary for a functioning society. It’s important to note that not everyone who feels betrayed will experience this progression of emotions, and not everyone who experiences these emotions will act out with violence.

Corruption and profiteering are major issues that can undermine the trust and support of citizens in their government. When government officials cannot protect citizens from corrupt practices, such as bribery or using their positions for personal gain, it erodes the public’s confidence in their ability to govern fairly and effectively. This can lead to a sense of disillusionment and frustration among citizens, ultimately resulting in a loss of support for the government.

Unrest is a natural consequence of this loss of trust and support. Citizens who feel their government is not acting in their best interests may become frustrated and seek to voice their dissatisfaction through protests, uprisings, and even violence. These actions can be disruptive and damaging to the stability and security of a country.

Furthermore, corruption and profiteering can have a detrimental impact on the economy, slowing down development and obstructing growth and progress. This can lead to an increased sense of discontent among citizens.

To prevent this unrest, governments must take a proactive approach to deal with corruption and profiteering. This includes implementing strong laws and regulations to prevent and punish corrupt practices and creating effective oversight and accountability to ensure that government officials, large corporations and powerful and influential individuals are held accountable for their actions.

In conclusion, corruption and profiteering can significantly negatively impact the trust and support of citizens in their government. This can lead to unrest, which can cause uprisings, protests, and even violence. Governments must take a proactive approach to deal with these issues that many predict may happen to maintain stability and security.

Given that most people are exhausted from these last few years of lockdowns and mandates, we are dealing with the public in high negatives, with these emotions and the potential lacking coping mechanisms playing a big role in how this will pan out. If ever was their fertile soil for rage, we are living in it, and if not soon handled swiftly, correctly, and justly, we may find ourselves in very dark times.

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