If you think the COVID vaccines, with all the lies and mistruths, are unique, whereby the vaccines of the past were indeed good and responsible for saving millions of lives, ultimately resulting in the decline of mortality rates, you would be very wrong. The vaccines from the past were on another scale when it came to being deceived and lied to. Basic math and peer-reviewed studies that were kept from us prove, without a doubt, that vaccines are not even close to playing a role in lowering mortality rates. In the 50s,60s and forward, misleading the public was much easier to accomplish; with the lack of the Internet that placed

people at a significant disadvantage along with a  more trusting society, people relied on the media and government.

The reality is that combining the effects of all the major vaccines over the last century amounts to a combined reduction in the mortality rates of between 1-3.5%.  Improvements in sanitation and living standards, including nutrition and living conditions, were responsible for the majority of reductions in the mortality rates. Did vaccines contribute to a slight decrease in certain acute illnesses? Yes, but their relative benefit is often exaggerated to an extreme and used to browbeat, guilt, and scare parents. Sound familiar?

What must be pointed out is that the Measles vaccine was different from the COVID vaccine in that it was an actual vaccine in that it offered immunity and also stopped the spread of the virus. Also, the virus was different from COVID, as it is not from the Rhinovirus family and did not mutate often. This allowed the vaccine to have a much longer efficacy life compared to the few months we observed with the COVID vaccines. Natural immunity was the true hero in that it was the primary cause of eradicating the virus, but in time, it will come back, and this will be repeated.

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