Silencing of Science: A Tale of Power and Profits

How often have you heard someone say, “We’re following the science?” At times, it seemed some individuals or organizations claimed to be the embodiment of science, like when the UN Communications Secretary bragged about their censorship collaboration with Google.

In recent years, some actions have been labelled as crimes against humanity. Under the pretense of public interest and safety, governments and influential elites have stifled scientific progress driven by political motives, a desire for a grand reset, and financial gain.

During these critical times, one would hope for science to be fiercely defended to ensure public safety. Instead, we see politicians and industries exploiting the situation for their gain, furthering a frightening new world order. Politicians, the mainstream media, talk shows, and countless celebrities have worsened the problem by incessantly praising the vaccines’ supposed life-saving abilities. Science suppression is not only unethical but potentially deadly.

Many instances of science suppression involve government officials and so-called medical advisors meddling with the scientific community. They persist in withholding information and hindering the publication of studies that challenge their contrived pseudoscience narrative. Dr. Kamran Abbasi, editor-in-chief of The BMJ, stated that suppressing science is a danger to public health and mismanagement of taxpayers’ money when entwined with commercial decisions, leading to deaths.

Authentic science consists of literature intended for scientists, usually peer-reviewed and upholding rigorous standards of honesty and accuracy. It includes articles from universities and scientific authorities, accessible through academic search engines like ScienceDirect, PubMed, and Google Scholar. Conversely, science suppression entails cherry-picking parts of science that suit specific needs and interests. Pseudoscience lacks peer review, standards, verification, and demands for accuracy and has posed as genuine science for years, even pre-pandemic.

Consider how science suppression set the stage for the pandemic. Early in the COVID outbreak, the CDC conducted a devious operation that dramatically altered the entire situation. They changed a long-standing definition to accommodate the interests of the CDC, the FDA, Pfizer, Moderna, the NIH, and various oligarchs like Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci. The term “vaccination” previously referred to introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease. Without warning, the CDC replaced “immunity” with “protection,” significantly altering the definition and enabling the global vaccination campaign using an mRNA gene therapy now dubbed a “vaccine.”

By law and medical standards, vaccines must provide immunity to a virus and halt its transmission. These vital attributes were missing in the CDC’s revised definition and the mRNA gene therapy. Those who knew the truth and dared to speak up on social media platforms faced immediate account suspension.

This pseudoscience eventually overshadowed the real, peer-reviewed science that had been considered settled for generations. The Moderna and Pfizer mRNAs were now portrayed as more palatable for the general public, erasing suspicion and advancing the global vaccination agenda.

The campaign would have likely faced significant resistance had the mRNAs been labelled mRNA gene therapy. After all, including “gene” in the name might have been akin to calling it rat poison.

A few months later, we were repeatedly urged to get vaccinated for our protection and that of our loved ones. Hesitant individuals were labelled selfish, and some were even accused of being murderers. It’s shocking how people can be manipulated to turn against each other, reminiscent of the orchestration witnessed in WWII Germany. Compliance with the jab was demanded because the Pfizer and Moderna shots were now “vaccines,” which was the “science” ā€“ the new pseudoscience.

In March 2021, Rachel Maddow from MSNBC announced that she followed the science and informed viewers that vaccines were effective enough to stop the virus from using vaccinated people as hosts to infect others. Her statement soon became the “science” echoed by governments, news media, and social platforms.

Even in mid-2020, no evidence demonstrated that the mRNA vaccine provided immunity or stopped the virus’s spread. FDA trials were shrouded in secrecy, the vaccine definition was altered, and science continued to be suppressed. As people began to ask questions, anyone questioning the narrative was labelled a conspiracy theorist spreading disinformation and misinformation. It’s incredible how a few hundred billion dollars can manipulate science and promote an agenda.

Fortunately, suppressed science is gradually re-emerging. A few weeks ago, Pfizer’s senior executive, Janine Small, shocked the world by admitting to the EU that Pfizer had not tested the vaccine for its effectiveness in blocking disease transmission. As a result, discussing the shortcomings of mRNAs on social media has become safer, and even mainstream media are joining the conversation. This may be a small victory, but the battle continues.

The situation is far from over, and many expect increased pressure as Dr. Fauci is advised not to travel far, as he may soon face Congress to answer serious questions. Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) expressed confidence that Dr. Anthony Fauci would be “spending much time in front of congressional committees” if Republicans gain control of Congress in November’s midterm elections.

Dr. Edeling aptly stated, “In this global catastrophe, we have people expressing opinions and instructions ā€“ relying on their authority to do so but not relying on reasons. And by not relying on reasons, they neither rely on facts, science, nor logic.”

If we have learned anything, it is that we can trust, but we must also question and verify.

One thought on “Silencing of Science: A Tale of Power and Profits

  1. on there is a defintion of zombie science it pretty much aligns with what you said. science is a religion nowadays, in stead of logic and facts proven over time they have dogma. sad really but not unexpected when it comes to power and wealth people will use whatever will give them the power over others they seek. in fact bible prophecy says God will put it in the hearts of the rulers to turn on religion, destroy it utterly they will think it was their idea but God is the one who gets them to do it to punish the rulers and supporters of false relgion for misrepresenting him for so long and for the huge blood guilt. something to look forward to I might live to see it since it is so close.


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