When a safety rating of 99.97% is not safe at all

When we hear from our Government and their paid-for experts, which include the medical and pharma community, regarding the safety of vaccines, they usually will sight a percentage that, on the surface, may seem excellent. But what we find once you look at those boasted percentages from a purely mathematical and absolute perspective results in something quite shocking. What was not factored into the equation as it relates to the COVID vaccine is the sheer economy of scale. The sheer numbers are unlike anything we typically see and must be factored in. When we see a report of a 99.973% safety rating, most people will view this as safe. This holds true for the most part when discussing a drug administered to 100,000 people in any given year.

This brings us to the mRNA, a gene therapy coined vaccine thanks to the CDC, with which I have an issue. Their boasted 99.973% safety rating, used as part of their sales pitch, made it clear that the powers at be were under the assumption that the general public was too dumb to know what they were doing. In that this was on a global scale, the numbers involved required a far greater level of safety than 99.97%. With over 5.4 billion people vaccinated worldwide, a 99.973% accuracy would translate to 1,215,000 people at risk of a severe adverse reaction. One would be correct in viewing this as not acceptable. It is not acceptable. We have failed to adjust our safety guidelines to align with the scale of what we are working with. The current safety ratings are designed and formulated for populations that are a fraction of what the COVID vaccine dictated.

To explain in a more relatable way, I will use Tylenol as an example. Tylenol is taken worldwide by millions of people hundreds of times throughout one’s lifetime. Based on reported global statistics, approximately 31,250 people are hospitalized annually due to severe adverse reactions, which translates into a safety rating of 99.9999999999%. Conversely, applying the mRNA vaccine safety rating of 99.973% would result in millions of people experiencing severe, life-threatening, adverse reactions, illustrating why the number of people at risk is critically important. However, most people would not crunch the numbers to reveal that a 99.973% safety rating is inadequate.

This means that the COVID vaccine, to be considered “safe,” required a safety rating of no less than 99.999999%. This would mean the annual severe adverse reactions would be at more acceptable levels of around 45,000. Sadly, today this is not what we are seeing. In the United States, over 800,000 severe adverse reactions have been reported, and some suggest that less than 40% of the cases get reported, which puts estimates over 1.6 million.  This is unacceptable and should never have passed, but due to the complexity of this topic, political pressures, and global agendas, the vaccine was approved for emergency use without having the necessary safety rating putting all of us at risk. What we see now happening is that we are walking right into the fallout from a rushed vaccine as we now have healthy people dropping dead, children experiencing heart-related conditions, and now we see the number one cause of death is “unknown causes.”

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