The Suppression of Science

How often have you heard, “We are following the science?” We even heard some go so far as to say they are the science, or they own the science, as told by the Communications Secretary of the UN as she bragged about their censoring relationship with Google. We’ve all heard it, and it’s been majorly annoying.

What has happened over the last couple of years is something that some have gone so far as to describe as crimes against humanity. Governments and oligarchs have, and continue to suppress science, doing so in the name of public interest and safety. But the underlying truth of it is science is being suppressed for other reasons, less to do about safety and more to do about political power, the big reset and, of course, financial profit.

Being that we are in such critical times, one would expect science to be safeguarded more than ever, ensuring that we do protect the public from harm, but what we see is politicians and industries being responsible for opportunistic embezzlement on a global scale and advancements of some pretty scary new world order. As a direct result, we now find ourselves in this mess. Politicians, mainstream media, talk shows, and far too many annoying celebrities have all made matters worse as many continue to praise what they view as the lifesaving efficacy of the vaccine. The suppression of science is not only profoundly wrong, but it can also be deadly, and in some cases, one could argue it has been.

There have been many examples of the suppression of science where government officials and so-called medical advisers have inappropriate involvement in the scientific community. Even now, they continue to withhold information and block publications of studies that do not align with their absurd pseudoscience and narrative. Dr. Kamran Abbasi, editor-in-chief of The BMJ, is quoted as saying, “… suppressing science, whether by delaying publication, cherry-picking favourable research, or gagging scientists, is a danger to public health and maladministration of taxpayer’s money when entangled with commercial decisions…when good science is suppressed, people die.”

Science can be described as literature usually written for scientists that are in most cases, peer-reviewed and include rigorous standards for honesty and accuracy. It comes in the form of published articles from universities, and scientific authorities, found through academic search engines like ScienceDirect, PubMed and Google Scholar. The suppression of science is nothing more than cherry-picked science, where they grab the bits and pieces of the science that support their needs and competing interests. Absent in this kind of science are peer review, standards, verification, and demand for accuracy. This pseudoscience is passed off as real science, which has been happening for many years, even before the pandemic, and has become significantly worse.

Let me share an example of this happening that paved the way for this pandemic. Early into the COVID pandemic, the CDC undertook a covert operation; what transpired was genuinely diabolical. What they did was change something so fundamental and so overarching to this entire COVID situation that it left many infuriated. What they did was no less than take a definition that has stood for almost a century and change it to fit a specific need of the CDC, the FDA, Pfizer, Moderna, the NIH, and several oligarchs like Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci to name just a few. For the longest time, the definition of a “vaccination” was “the act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease.” Without warning and notice, the CDC, under the direction of those behind this corrupt agenda, switched out the word “immunity” with “protection,” which changed its meaning entirely. But they did not stop there, as the diabolical plan went on further, as they then went on to do nothing less than to change the actual definition of “vaccine.” Again, this all happened without notice of any kind, where many other sites that contained the definition were not in conflict with the CDC’s official definition. Unbelievably the definition of a vaccine was switched from “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease” to “a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.” These two changes were all they needed to proceed forward with their global vaccination campaign, on a scale never seen before, and with an mRNA gene therapy that has been never used before but now could be called a “vaccine.” The mRNA was now cloaked like a Klingon vessel, labelled a common and familiar sounding “vaccine,” that unless you were one of the few who were aware of what was going on, you simply lined up, rolled up your sleeve and got the jab without a concern in the world because you were taking an approved and safe “vaccine.”

The truth of the matter is, from what we’ve been taught about vaccines, the legal and medical definition that has stood the test of time says that a vaccine must do two things. They must make you immune to a virus and they must stop the spread of the virus. But now you see the problem as these two critical characteristics were completely absent in the CDC’s official definition and absent in the mRNA gene therapy. However, anyone who knew the truth, and Heaven forbid, mentioned anything about it on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter was met with a swift suspension of their account.

This eventually resulted in this new pseudoscience overshadowing the real peer-reviewed science that has been deemed as settled science for generations. The Moderna and Pfizer mRNAs were now labelled as something far more palatable for the general public. Being branded with a familiar label resulted in no cause for concern or suspicion and the global agenda to vaccinate billions of people could quickly move forward.

Those behind this global campaign knew that if they had gone forward with labelling these mRNAs as mRNA gene therapy, they would have risked everything as they would surely have been met with massive resistance. Let’s face it, having the word “gene” in the name would be almost like calling it rat poisoning.

Fast forward a few months, now blessed with the title, vaccine rolled out; we were all told, over and over, to get the shot not only to protect ourselves but also to protect our loved ones. It was positioned as a selfless act, an almost patriotic act. Anyone hesitant to get the jab was labelled selfish, some went so far as to infer those who did not get the vaccine as murderers, as stated by the US president who uttered not so long ago, and I quote, “Freedom. I have the freedom to kill you with my COVID.” – President Joe Biden.  Author Frank Schaeffer said during an appearance on MSNBC, “Anti-vaccine and anti-mask anti-science conspiracy theory-spreading leading activists are bioterrorists. Period. They should be treated as such. Drone strikes on selected worst offenders….”

It’s hard to comprehend how people can be driven to turn on others, something not seen orchestrated since Germany during WWII. It all came down to getting the jab, or else, because the Pfizer and Moderna jab was now regarded as a “vaccine,” and that was that because that was the “science”, the new science, pseudoscience.”

Today you can still find a video of Rachel Maddow from MSNBC in March 2021, where she uttered the words that she followed the science on her nightly newscast told all her viewers the following “Now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person,” Maddow said on her show,  “A vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus, the virus does not infect them, the virus cannot then use that person to go anywhere else,” she added with a shrug. “It cannot use vaccinated people as hosts to get more people.” Her statement soon became the “science,” viewed and repeated millions of times by all levels of government, the news media, Facebook and even Twitter.

Even as early as mid-2020, there was no evidence proving the mRNA vaccine made you immune or stopped the spread. The problem was that the FDA trials were cloaked in silence, the definition of a vaccine was redefined, and the science continued to be suppressed.  As people became wise to what was happening and started to ask questions, we soon found that anyone who even remotely questioned the narrative was labelled a conspiracy theorist who spread disinformation and misinformation. It’s incredible how a few hundred billion dollars can bend science and move an agenda forward.

But thankfully, the science that had been made to stand in the corner for many months has started making its way back. A few weeks ago, Janine Small, a senior executive from Pfizer, openly admitted to the EU that they performed no vaccine testing for its effectiveness in blocking disease transmission. So now it has become safe to post on social media the shortcomings of the mRNAs; hell, even mainstream media are getting into the game and talking about it now. Perhaps a small battle has been won, but the war continues.

This entire situation is not over, and many feel the heat will continue to be turned up as the hammer is expected to fall since the house republicans have already issued a warning to Dr. Fauci to not travel too far as he will quickly be expected to face congress to answer some serious questions. Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) said he is confident Dr. Anthony Fauci will be “spending a lot of time in front of congressional committees” if Republicans take control of Congress in November’s midterm elections.

A Dr Edeling said it best when he stated, “In this global catastrophe, we have people expressing opinions and instructions – relying on their authority to do so but not relying on reasons. And by not relying on reasons, they are neither relying on facts, nor on science, nor on logic.

If we have learned anything, is that we can trust, but we must question and verify.

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