It’s been a while since I bothered to look at Ontario’s COVID stats due to the lack of information. But now it seems they have turned back on the taps and are posting statistics. There is just one problem, without explanation, the data is garbage. Case in point, the chart below was taken from their site on October 30, 2022. If you look at the numbers, one could easily interpret this as those who are unvaccinated dying at a much higher rate than those vaccinated. But that would be Wrong, very wrong since you see what they are comparing is not unvaccinated and vaccinated, it’s the “not fully vaccinated” vs “fully vaccinated.” Still, it will be interpreted again as the vaxxed vs the unvaxxed. The not fully vaccinated include those vaccinated but did not provide consent for vaccination records to be entered into the provincial COVaxON system. The “Not fully vaccinated” category also includes people with their first and second doses of the vaccine, which were considered fully vaccinated only a few months ago. You see, they have, once again, moved the goalposts. In other words, this is new and irresponsible of them to spin the numbers like this. They know full well most people will not read the definitions of the data, relying on their nice look graphs and charts. But that is not all.

But it gets worse if you dig even further, you find the following statement: “Public Health Units report the cause of death in the CCM based on information available to them at the time of reporting and by definitions provided by Public Health Ontario. The medical certificate of death is the official record, and the cause of death could be different.” There is also this, “Due to ongoing data entry and data quality assurance activities in Case and Contact Management system (CCM) file, Public Health Units continually clean up COVID-19, correcting for missing or overcounted cases and deaths.” In other words, the data in these charts is garbage and an insult to all Ontarians.

It seems old habits die hard, and data fudgery continues to spew from our own government.

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