Just when you thought things could not get any more extreme regarding the damage the mRNA has caused, we now hear of cattle dying within 24 hours following mRNA vaccination.

It seems most of the conversation surrounding mRNA (messenger RNA) “vaccines” centers around their impact on humans, but how about all the animals that are being injected with it? Believe it or not, cattle are reportedly now getting jabbed with the stuff, which in a recent mass “vaccination” campaign of an Australian herd, has resulted in 35 of the 200 animals dying. This is not only happening in Australia, as reports are now surfacing all over the world where governments are now mandating the mRNA  “vaccine” be given to cattle, resulting in catastrophic outcomes. For the animals that survive, one wonders what is becoming of their milk, which gets passed on as food for other animals and humans. Is it safe to consume mRNA-tainted milk and cheese from a “fully vaccinated” dairy cow? Nobody knows because this mRNA is STILL EXPERIMENTAL, yet they use it off-label, force children and infants to take it, and now want to genetically alter our food chain. I wrote an article about them experimenting by adding the mRNA into our food produce, which you can read here, but now they are zeroing in on farmers and their cattle.  So now, will we need to seek out hormone and mRNA-free meats and produce?

There is not even evidence that cattle can catch COVID; even so, is there a risk of it harming humans? Cattle are already juiced up with hormones and antibiotics, but let’s not confuse things; this is genetic manipulation performed by mRNA that we have yet to fully understand. They forced it on us, we are now seeing this was a massive crime, all the while, there are the Bill Gates of the world and WEF who violently push their agenda to have us all eating bugs, giving up our cars, freezing and starving in the winters all the while we thank our governments for the handouts in the form of social credits.

So just like with Moderna and Pfizer, a deal was forged with a United States-based biotechnology company called Tiba BioTech that is now raking in the dough. The irony of it all is that in early 2021, a medical doctor in a Texas State Senate committee hearing testified that the reason that animal trials of Pfizer/Moderna mRNA injections had been stopped was that too many animals were dying. If that is not enough to scare the living hell out of you, I don’t know what is. I know this may sound like tin-foil-hat stuff, but it was not that long ago when the prescription for Syphilis, known as the “Great Pox,” was none other than mercury.

The once-prized New Zealand meat may be something you want to avoid.

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