Pfizer openly admits to the EU they performed no testing of the vaccine for its effectiveness for blocking the transmission of the disease. Janine Small a senior executive from Pfizer, proclaims they saved over four million lives by producing the vaccine. This could not be further from the truth and is a blatant lie! I suspect this number is based on very old mortality predictions or perhaps is just plain unscientific mathematical predictions that have proven to be inaccurate. It must be pointed out that by the time the vaccines were introduced in December 2020, a very large percentage of the world had already experienced Covid. We also know from seroprevalence studies that the original virus had been circulating since at least mid-2019. We also know that natural immunity has been proven to be stronger than any short-term vaccine-induced immunity. Thus, a very large percentage of the population had a superior form of immunity already working for them, Natural Immunity. Furthermore, the most susceptible people for serious disease and death had

already succumbed to the disease by the time the vaccine because widely available. We have since proven, without a shadow of a doubt, those estimates were exponentially overstated. Due to comorbidities are, incorrect COD being filed. There were times when any death was labelled as “COVID related.”

There is also the reality that as the disease mutated, it became less virulent, resulting in even fewer people dying or even becoming seriously ill. The fact is that we are seeing more deaths today for “unknown causes” than we did at the peak of the so-called pandemic.
It also became evident that in many cases, We know that a person could have recovered entirely from Covid and succumbed to something unrelated to Covid, but because they had a positive PCR in their history, were recorded as a Covid death.

The early predictions in Ontario, Canada, called for over 25,000 annual COVID deaths. That number today has proven closer to 1300, and even this estimate may still be significantly overstated. Some calculations based on forensic analysis have the final death toll below 10% and as low as 5% of the reported initial estimates.

What is becoming nothing less than a complete manufactured global pandemic fueled by propaganda-styled news reporting that soon, through inquests and judicial inquiries, will expose the lies, coercion, profiteering and crimes against humanity that were committed by those today who proclaim to be our saviours?


  1. sad really that people put so much trust in authorities who we know nothing about,and that people dont do research on things first.; for example when this whole covid nonsense started I found videos on germ theory and it;’ history and two doctors who are virologists who said virus have never been isolated purified and studied to find geno or prove they even exist and cause disease or are contagious. then I did more reserach and listend to many doctors and read many books by doctors and found alot of what we are told about germs are false. we have been lied to yet again. beleive me they have more guilt then just lying about one thing, they are guilty of massive fraud and possibly murder. makes me appreciate psalms 37:10-11


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