It took a couple of lawsuits, a lot of coaxing from an unfriendly judge, and over a year of legal battles to force the CDC to do what it should have done from the beginning. We finally have the information about adverse reactions reported to the CDC through their V-Safe app. The data clarifies why they fought so hard to keep it under wraps. It’s damning of any notion that the Covid-19 jabs are “safe.”

They are not safe, but you probably know that already. Now, hopefully, more will know about it soon.

Unfortunately, outside of The Epoch Times and a handful of smaller conservative and alternative outlets, there hasn’t been much attention paid to this. I speculate it’s because the initial narrative coming out from those in the know is not the one that should be highlighted. As the article below mentions in the headline, hundreds of thousands of Americans seeking medical care after they got jabbed. That’s big. But we don’t find out until later in the article that 71 MILLION symptoms caused by the “vaccines” were reported to the CDC, which they conveniently forgot to mention before over 230 million Americans had already been jabbed at least once.

It gets worse as Hundreds of thousands of Americans seeking medical care after getting a COVID-19 vaccine, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data released on Oct. 3.

Roughly 782,900 people reported seeking medical attention, emergency room care, and/or hospitalization following COVID-19 vaccination. Another 2.5 million people reported needing to miss school, work, or other regular activities as a result of a health event after getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

The reports were made to the CDC’s V-safe program, a new vaccine safety monitoring system to which users can report issues through smartphones.

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