This is horrible



Some senior and long-standing executives within the CDC are coming forward and expressing their concerns regarding the FDA and CDC issuing strong blanket recommendations for COVID vaccines in children as young as six months old.

What has been reported is that they have recommended that well over 20 million children in the US alone get vaccinated because as they report “the vaccines are safe.”

The senior staff point out that the CDC’s sweeping recommendation was based on “extremely weak, inconclusive data provided by” (wait for it). Moderna and Pfizer.

Pfizer themselves report no statistical evidence of any vaccine efficacy in children could be determined. Their report concluded with very conflicting results in such a wide range of efficacy reported no conclusion could be inferred.

One would think when it comes to our children, no stone would be left unturned in order to provide a level of safety and confidence that parents should be demanding. This along with the already known truth that there are no clinical studies that were ever done to determine whether the vaccine was even safe for use with children. But apparently, no, they are continuing to look at this all as a trial and if something horrible goes wrong, well as we all know, the pharma companies behind all this cannot be held liable. Now, you tell me that sits well with you.

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