It seems they want to make insects a part of our staple diet, with little analysis and studies to ensure insects are safe and suitable, all for the cause of the flawed theory of the climate crisis. Anything to do with climate change has become a huge business with sky-high profits. This has nothing to do with the climate and more to do about profits and easy money. No wonder so many money-hungry entrepreneurs are behind this, given the rosy economic outlook assigned to the bug business. A report from Barclays investment bank in late 2019 said the global bug food market will be worth $8 billion annually by 2030, with an annual growth rate of 24 percent. There are thousands of articles to be read, all fueled by the potential profits. This also has to do with control of the food supply, and by controlling what they hope becomes a food staple, this control by nature becomes a weapon.

Just google the term “bugs and food,” and the thousands of articles that read more like an advertising campaign than anything else are surprising.  Try finding a medical or scientific document, and good luck, as those seem buried so deep in the search results that most will not find them.


What they say to promote their cause is that with a growing population and a looming climate crisis, there are good reasons to encourage the use of bugs in our food chain. We’re going to have billions more people on the planet by 2050, and we’re going to have to feed them something that doesn’t significantly raise carbon emissions or use way too much H2O in the process. This is so flawed and just plain wrong, and to actually print this and or say this to the media is a lie.


The world population has already peaked whereby we are now seeing a depopulation of the world. Today, we are at a precipice; where we are at a point where we have reached the most significant world population we may never see again. At around 7.9 billion, the world’s population is rapidly declining. Soon, the numbers will drop off like never experienced before and will impact the world in ways we have yet to assess fully, but more so comprehend and take into account. The fact they are even using this as a reason is telling of how far they will go to mislead the public.

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