Do the Math

What seems to be happening without much discussion or debate is Trudeau’s plan to move us to net zero carbon emissions. Let’s look at the hard, cold numbers while I illustrate why his plan spells economic disaster and is based on horribly flawed models.
Carbon Recovery and Capture Technology – Trudeau is hinging on using carbon capture technology effectively. Still, this technology is not panning out as they had hoped. The costs involved also require government grants you and I will pay for. The estimated costs for implementing such technology are estimated in tens of billions of dollars. As history tells us, we can bet it will be three times their estimates.

Then there is the elephant in the room; you must first believe there is a carbon issue. So, let’s look at the facts; if you look at the fact that the world’s atmosphere is made up of .04% carbon, the world population contributes 3% of that .04%. So, in the case of Canada, we would contribute about 2.1% of that 3% of the .04% of carbon in the atmosphere. So, Canada’s piece to all this would be like owing 12.5 cents to a million dollar debt. So for this 12.5 cents, Trudeau wants to change our lives, destroy the economy and all, so we can reduce the debt by about a dime which is pretty much pointless as it would not have any substantive impact on the debt.

The costs over the next three decades will be two trillion dollars. Correct me if I am wrong, but Canada does not have two trillion dollars to spend since we already have overextended ourselves through Trudeau’s COVID recovery plan of printing money in hopes of a strong economy.

We must remember, in 2019, they were already predicting tough financial times, then came COVID, and now faced with inflation rates not seen in decades and everything from food to gas rising, plus a shrinking population, spending an additional 60 billion a year for something that is fundamentally flawed spells financial ruin.

Plus, as I have said, we already have carbon capture with the 422 living trees per person on earth capable of converting about 65 billion tons of carbon per year, easily handling the estimated 32 billion tons of carbon we humans contribute. You do the math; I see no carbon issue to be concerned with, and this is nothing more than political stupidity and green initiative profits.

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