News Media – Analysis

Hello, as I continue with my analysis of the news media, I wanted to share with you some early findings. I am expanding my sentiment tool to assess news stations for their content, assessing and scoring literally hundreds of stories each day. So far this was a lot of work since I use a technology that is far from standardized making this work highly complex. The results however of very telling and I do not think anyone has ever done this sort of thing before.

So continuing from my last email report I sent each of you I have stacked up two news media outlets for comparison. Global News and Reuters, and it seems Global insights far more “fear” into their stories than Reuters.

It will be interesting to see as I spread this out onto social media who will take notice. Regardless, however, this is something I feel the news media needs to work on. The news in itself can be bad and adding the element of fear through the language used is not what I would call responsible reporting.

I wonder if there should not be some oversight in how news is being reported. Not believing in censorship, I struggle with them pushing the element of fear that is not something that serves the public well. We all know far too well that the news lately has not been good, and as a result, mental health has truly suffered over these last few years.

Perhaps the ask is not so much the need for governance or oversight but simply an awareness is what is needed. If by making news outlets aware they can be measured or graded against their peers, perhaps they will not want to be the one with the highest rating.

As this information spreads, and it is spreading fast, people may end up preferring one news outlet over the other for these very reasons. I am going to expand this work now to include more outlets and see who comes out as the worst offender.

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