I have been wondering why so many deaths have been reported for COVID in January for
some time. I have discovered something I suspected, but I needed to see the data to
verify it. First thing, if we use my region as an example, 92% of all reported “COVIDrelated”
deaths were those over 80 years old. Yes, I reviewed each and every obituary for
all Halton Region. There were mentions of Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other causes, but not
one mention of COVID. Many were in their 90s, and one man died at 101. There were
some that I also cross-referenced to fatal accidents as I needed to know, how many
deaths were perhaps COVID and how many were not. Many governments and
institutions peg the percentage of COVID-related deaths where three or more
comorbidities were involved are as high as 85%, and some predict this could be even
higher. Even with that, there was still a dramatic rise in deaths in January, overshadowing
all other months by significant margins. Once I found the data, I could trust, that being
data from our very own Ontario’s datasets. I obtained data dating back to 1991, and my
suspicions were proven true. It seems that there is a steep increase in reported deaths
every January, as illustrated in the reports. This rise in deaths is due to more people
dying in colder months, but I am still not convinced that this answers all of the increases
we see. For those answers, I will have to do more research and digging to satisfy my

study or pretty much anything that explained why deaths in January are so high, and
again, we are not talking about a slight rise; we are talking at times 5-8 times fold. I
finally came across something that, for me, started to make sense. What seems to be the
That’s Trudeau, they say he’s their leader, but
he runs and hides like a little bitch.
reason is quite complex, but I could explain it. We know in colder months, more people
die, but how does one qualify that. It seems we know the vast majority of those deaths,
around 85 to 93 percent are over 75. We also know many older adults have three or
more comorbidities, most of which are either with the heart, but more so the lungs and
Each year, what seems to happen to these people is they run into health complications,
and some become grave. I would then suspect all efforts made to see them last
Christmas; once Christmas passed, they usually become too frail to continue to battle
and succumb to their illnesses. This situation has been made worse with COVID. This
requires some thoughts about COVID overall. Since I don’t reject the existence of the
virus, we have to understand, by far, the biggest sources of illness we are dealing with
are lung conditions: various kinds of pneumonia; flu and flu-like disease; TB; other
unnamed lung/respiratory problems.
This is where I feel that these illnesses are being relabeled as COVID. People are dying for
those traditional reasons, and their deaths are being called “COVID.” Thus, the old is
artificially made new. The data Ontario and Canada collect to support this theory since
there have yet to be documented “net-new deaths” due to COVID. Annual deaths in
January is mostly comprised of the elderly and frail. They are dying in nursing homes, in
hospitals, in their houses and apartments. In addition to their lung problems, they have
been suffering from a whole host of other conditions, for a long time, and they’ve been
treated with drugs that further weaken them. Then if they are diagnosed with COVID,
they’re then isolated, cut off from friends and loved ones, and as a result, they seem to
give up and die.
We have seen a slight uptick in elderly deaths since COVID isolations have been the
status quo in long-term facilities. In my opinion, these were unnecessary and misguided
and made a well-known and documented reality worse. When we further jeopardize
one’s will to live through perceived protective measures, we need to regroup and
formulate better responses to avoid exasperating an already known documented reality
of what we see in January. One thing to then keep in mind is when we hear from the
media this time of year, a rise in “COVID Related Deaths” is precisely that “related,” not
the cause. In reality, the deaths are comprised of numerous illnesses ranging from
Cancer, Organ Failure, Respiratory and or heart-related issues, to name a few, supported
by the analysis of obituaries.
So, there you have it, a potential answer to my question. Does it completely satisfy me?
Not entirely. I wonder if there may be something happening within the reporting cycle or
true-ups whereby corrections or late filings come in for the previous year? I do genuinely
wonder if there is any truth to that thinking. The
The Uncensored

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