South Africa, No Vaccine, No Lockdowns, No COVID!

Explain this one to me; it seems in South Africa, “COVID-19 is gone, or at least according to the stats. Now you will have to wade through countless misguided reports of COVID stats for South Africa from those who are very creative with statistics and number fudgery as I call it. When a person from South Africa was asked, “When did you last hear of anyone who has died of COVID-19?” Their reply was, “The mask is to protect my pocket,” At that time, Zimbabwe recorded just 33 new COVID-19 cases and zero deaths, in line with a recent fall in the disease across the continent, where World stats have been showing numbers falling since July. We have seen this as well here in Ontario. When the coronavirus first emerged last year, health officials feared the pandemic would sweep across Africa, killing millions. Although it’s still unclear what COVID-19’s ultimate toll will be, that catastrophic scenario has yet to materialize in Zimbabwe or much of the continent. Something “mysterious” is going on in Africa, puzzling those who seem to want to squash this reality. So let’s be clear, Africa doesn’t have the vaccines and the resources to fight COVID-19 that we have here in Ontario, but somehow without imposing mask mandates, lockdowns or vaccinations for everything that doesn’t move, they are doing far better. In Ontario, we force employees to take an experimental vaccine or terminate their jobs. We are not permitted to participate in society unless we comply with every draconian rule.

But yet this has resulted in us being no further ahead than South Africa. We keep hearing threats of the next wave and that next booster, which is promised to be our ticket to normal. In the meantime, South Africans are much better off and live life. Perhaps it’s time we ask some hard questions to our governments as to why this is. Are we tracking a virus or vaccine illnesses?

And now, with the latest news, Pfizer, now ordered by the courts to pay $2.3 Billion for Fraudulent Marketing, which is the Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in History. And now, the court order for Pfizer to release

the vaccine documents that they wanted to keep secret for 55 years tell of a story of coverup. After reading the first 30 pages, it is evident that both Pfizer and the FDA knew about the injuries and the deaths from the vaccine in the first 90 days; there is too much questionable conduct to say it’s conspiracy thinking. It seems there remains this notion that we are to entrust these pharmaceutical companies and our government officials that our best interests are being served. 

I find this problematic because there is some severe disconnect in this view given what has been presented to us. There are other agendas at play here, and to name a few, political power, money, and we must not forget the entanglement of dependencies created by their reliance on each other.  We have a vaccine that is not legal from a medical and legal definition, a vaccine that would protect us and protect those around us, to which we soon learned that this was untrue. In addition to this, we were also told that its efficacy was in the ninety percental, also proven false. We were then told that a second dose of the vaccine was required and life would return to normal; this too was proven false.  And finally, we are now informed that all that is required is a booster shot, and we are promised nothing in return; they are no longer making any promises, just what now seems to be an endless journey of booster shots in our future. There have been specific protocols concerning the transportation of the vaccine not only ignored but deleted from requirements. It was well established and is a fact; the vaccine required precise and extremely cold temperatures for transport without becoming spoiled, this was estimated to be in the billions of dollars, but it was never followed.

I must point out that the Pfizer vaccine will be released in 2024; once final FDA approval, Pfizer has stipulated that the stringent temperature protocols for transport be followed. There have been hundreds of thousands of vaccine injuries reported in the US, along with tens of thousands of deaths worldwide, yet unlike any other drug or vaccine ever produced, has it been allowed to remain on the market or in trials. Never before in history has any drug or vaccine required three shots in under 18 months. During all this, we remain locked down; we have formed two classes of citizens where one class can participate in society and the other cannot. However, even those permitted to participate in the community must prove their status and still follow draconian protocols.

This all comes from a government that does not follow science instead follows biased and invested health professionals. Leaders of the world seem to take their direction from the oligarch in all this,  Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has knowingly participated and funded gain of function research linked to the COVID virus itself. And the kicker in all this is that we continue to trust a company found guilty of fraud, corruption, and bribery. Who has a list of legal rulings that would rival the worst organized crime families, who recently ordered to pay the largest fraud settlement in history? Yet we have remained contractually partnered in all this and have guaranteed billions more of taxpayer dollars. 

People are sick and tired, and in a way, we have adapted our lives to isolate ourselves from this upside-down world that we find ourselves in. But now we are hearing we are to come back to our old country, take back what was once taken from us, only to find the same restrictions and concerns that drove us away remain, and we are no further ahead. We have nothing to show for all our sacrifices. It’s like being in a war, your country has been taken over, so you are forced to leave your homeland. Your government requires you to give up many freedoms and fight the enemy at significant personal cost. You then are told you are victorious, and you are to return to your home country to find that all the things you loved about your country are no longer there to enjoy; it is like the invaders are still there, but you can’t see them, but their rule and authority still reign in power.

These next several months will be difficult on everyone; people are exhausted, families have become fractured, friendships have been destroyed all over. I can see nothing more than smoke and mirrors that have made the rich richer, the powerful more powerful; draconian government controls entrenched whereby the public has been desensitized to all this. Back to economic ruin where small businesses have been forced into extinction. To a world economy comprised of only a handful of companies whose financial powers are the sum of 70% of the world economy and influence governing bodies around the world.

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