I keep saying we need to stop following the case numbers because the highly flawed PCR tests will do nothing but create needless concern and fear. The far more accurate and proper way to assess disease impacts is either ICU admissions or mortalities. Case in point, we have been hearing the news about rising issues in Isreal even though people are triple vaxxed. Although I usually post facts against that vaccine at are so prevalent, math is math, and facts are facts. Although cases are rising in Israel again, the mortalities are not alarming at all. Further, when making a simple comparison to 2018 mortalities due to the Flu and its complications, it becomes quickly evident, there were more than eight times the deaths due to the Flu than there were in 2020 due to COVID. So once again, they are using the PCR test as a weapon to create fear and make for good news. If your news station is still reporting case numbers, it’s time for another news source.

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