Follow The Math – It Never Lies

So once again, I am faced with family members all worked up over the media spin on the new variant. Just like when the Delta variant was approaching, they focused on how contagious it was and that it was, but what they also failed to include was that the Delta variant was very mild, I would argue, extremely mild. But they spun it to let people assume it was not only more contagious but it was also more deadly. A government that genuinely cared about our physical and mental health would have tempered these news releases by clarifying this point and calmed the public’s concern. I always look to the numbers to see the truth; they never let me down and lie. I downloaded the latest

The data from Ontario’s covid site using that nifty linked spreadsheet I shared with you on the Uncensored. It tells me not only do we have about an average 98% full recovery, but the mortalities are also dropping. Why do we never hear of this good news? Why does the government want to keep us fearful? I keep saying there are other things at play, and we have talked about it before. These numbers are not even adjusted for comorbidities, making the numbers truly anger us all. It comes down to this, and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. When we properly qualify the numbers based on formulas we know reflect the realities of comorbidities and end of life expectancies, these numbers amount to nothing more than the seasonal flu. In yesterday’s post, I compared Israel’s mortality rate for their 2018 flu season compared to all deaths recorded for 2020 “COVID-related deaths,” and there was over eight times the number of flu deaths than there were with COVID.

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