Doug Ford Lied Again

As we hear Doug Ford extends the Emergency Orders until March of 2022, I am left once again why. I know they are desperately looking to hang onto this crisis that never really existed, is of course, if you looked at the numbers and stopped listening to the so-called medical experts. You see, there are billions of dollars and incredible political power falling from the sky, and our government is not done yet riding this gravy train. Let’s look at the numbers. We know our government, supported by the media, is trying to spin this narrative. And that latest crisis is, we have a situation with school breakout cases. We also know they are pushing hard to have every child vaccinated in Ontario. We also know that schools to get their COVID Money, they need to promote this agenda actively. It’s for the kids, folks; it’s for the kids. I spoke about this falsehood, and based on the math, and Ontario’s own data, there is a 1 in 11,000 chance of a child getting sick from COVID, and a 1 in 7.2 million chance of dying from COVID. So now we hear an overall alarm bell being set off due to the rising cases in Ontario. As I have said many times, cases mean nothing. Since almost all reported cases end up with a full recovery, again based on Ontario’s data, it’s more accurate to use ICU and Mortality stats to indicate where things stand. Looking at the chart below, cases in my mind could be through the roof, but if you look at the ICU cases, they are way down; last year, we had almost 14,000 reported cases in the ICU; today, we have fewer than 3900, that is nearly an 80% reduction over last year. Knowing this, why then is Doug Ford not celebrating? Why is he not opening things up and ending the emergency orders? You see, this is not about COVID; this is about something else. You see, with over 400 million doses of a useless vaccine on the order that we will pay for regardless of its usefulness, and with the endless other “COVID” projects in play, our government is not done yet with the control and authority this provides to them. Also, if the COVID crisis is over, they will have to shift focus and run the country and stop her from going into financial ruin. Their goal is subterfuge, and to continue down their path of lies relying on many of the public still not arm knowledge to continue to follow like a good flock. People, wake up! If you cannot see that all this does not add up, you must not believe that one equals two. God help us all!

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