Don’t Panic – Omicron


From what I know, the new Omicron variant, the P.C. version name of the African Variant, is mild and not the devil the media want us to believe. Doctors from South Africa describe the clinical symptoms of this new variant as “Omicron variant symptoms’ unusual but mild’, says South African doctor,” and goes on to describe it as “It presents mild disease with symptoms being sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two not feeling well, “Remember, since there does not exist in the entire world an actual isolate of COVID, and there is no way they can even test for variants and mutations, I call bull shit big time.

Let’s face it; some need a new crisis to reignite the push of the vaccine onto people. They also need to extend the lockdowns and maintain the control that they do not want to give up until they can get the Climate change crisis in full swing. Also, note that there has not been one flu case reported, nor any “Flu variants” we usually see over this period.  And as we talked about in the last podcast, and from more of what I have been reading recently, COVID does not exist anywhere globally, not in a LAB; not even Pfizer has an isolated living COVID culture. For me, this next variant or mutation is a hard stop, and this talk about the next “wave” is total BS! Even the next vaccine due in 2024 from Pfizer, in my mind, is already void of efficacy since it as well was modelled only from computer modelled proxies of the 2009 SARS.  The WHO has stated, the global community tested with the PCR test over these last 20 months retested. They say their results are null and void due to the high cycle thresholds used. But now, to achieve their evidence, they will create it by cranking up the PCR tests that will yield positive cases due to the high cycle thresholds they will instruct to be used. The errors with the PCR test and the overly high cycle thresholds used to perform the test. The PCR test is their weapon to keep the pandemic going into perpetuity unless more people start to read beyond CNN and the so-called “medical experts” in the pockets of Pharma or are too afraid to say anything as they fear for their jobs.

Variant vs Mutation vs Strain:

There is so much talk about these terms that I thought I would do a little digging to find out the difference in these terms. So a variant is a version of the virus with changes that may or may not change the basic properties of the virus. A strain is a version/variant with changes that give the virus different properties. It is possible, though rare, for a small change to alter basic properties and create a new strain. Said differently, a variant is a version with changes that we may or may not care about, whereas a strain is a version with changes that we do care about.

As a final note, South Africa stopped shipments of the vaccine to their country, cancelling their future orders. Then soon after, the WHO warns the world of the new variant from South Africa. Now governments are banning flights from South Africa two days later. Coincidence?

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