Another Wave or Casedmic

So once again, I download data from Ontario’s COVID databank, thinking this time I will see something shocking, something that perhaps says, “Hey, something is going on here.” But sadly, no, I am met with data that once again tells me the same darn story every time. We are over-testing, resulting in another casdemic—lots of false positives, where 99.7% will not show any symptoms at all. Also, the lovely PCR test that we know misused with a higher than recommended Cycle Threshold will find the smallest of strands or dead particulates of either influenza A or B that the person may have had months ago. Remember, we don’t know what we are trying for, since nowhere in God’s green earth does an example by way of isolate or purification of COVID exist. At this point, based on what I know, who the hell knows what they are testing for, it’s a flawed process, used in a defective manner; they are doubling down on stupidity in hopes of driving up the numbers and getting that next wave to push the vaccine harder. Also, keep in mind that the vaccine they are currently pushing on us is the pre-delta variant version, which is pretty much useless. Still, they have a stockpile of that older devil’s brew they want to use before using the vaccine developed for the Delta variant.

So looking at the raw data, I looked at the mortalities and looked to see if there was a reason for concern. The answer is a big F no!  The numbers of deaths are way down, and given these are covid related deaths, if we were to qualify these numbers correctly, I would pretty much bet a nice dinner that they would be in line with seasonal flu mortalities. But you would never know that if you listen to the news and our bloody government. Honestly, the entire bunch of them should be removed from office, as they are so either misguided or corrupt in the pockets of big Pharma. I want to find out if there are any “donations” being made to any of the liberal parties or any of their initiatives or pet projects through one of the hundred channels big Pharma has to do. We know Bill Gates donates close to 400 million to the media, giving him the coverage he wants and ignoring what he wishes to remain in Vegas. The number of millionaires being made of a still-experimental vaccine, preparing for an unprecedented three jab which has never happened before in history. Again, these are all still “experimental” vaccines, and we are still part of the trial, and that soon will include our children.

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