97% Fully Recover

As I have been saying for over 19 months, we need to stop tracking cases. I know I am repeating myself lately, but this latest campaign or run government seems to have on right now. It seems every channel you turn to; you hear cases are up. People in stores in lineups will casually say something to the effect like this, “If we don’t get a handle on these cases, we will be in this situation longer.” I have heard this numerous times over the last few weeks. So until this trend stops, I will continue to beat this drum. We know the test they use for testing is flawed, yielding as high as 85% errors consisting of false positives, so it makes absolutely no sense unless they have some reason for higher cases. The chart below clearly illustrates that each so-called “wave” or

“breakout” of cases resulted from nothing else but from a result of more testing. Some have gone so far as to suggest the government was using the PCR test’s inherent flaw to push the unvaccinated to get the vaccine. Also revealed,  the CDC instructed PCR tests to use specific cycle thresholds depending on the vaccination status of the tested person. They would use low CT for the vaccinated and high CT for unvaccinated people.  Doing this created a narrative the unvaccinated are catching COVID more than the unvaccinated. They also explicitly said this directive did not negatively impact the vaccine campaign. But as this chart clearly shows, we need to stop using cases to steer how we handle the COVID situation. If we had used mortalities from day one, it would have been a hard sell to mandate vaccines and lockdowns and the other many draconian measures we now have in place.  They soon classified pretty much anything and everything as a “covid related death,”; but once people and the media became wise to this, we soon after stopped hearing about mortalities altogether. Cases were now the yardstick that better served their agenda of fear. So it would not be too much of a stretch based on nothing that surprises me anymore is that they need to pressure people to get jabbed, test more, when they want to make it seem the vaccine is working, test less, then if they need to make it seem another wave is coming, test more as well.

I ignore cases; I also ignore any news station that even mentions cases. Our government and media are listening to those biased towards pharma and not listening to the actual science. Things have gotten so far off point that people still listen to Fauci, proven to know about the gain of function research in the Wuhan lab and responsible for this entire world economy shut down. This recent media blitz is nothing more than fear-mongering and misleading the public for reasons I’m feeling is corruption in the billions.

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