Follow the Money

Once again, the media and the government have created a new crisis. It seems they are testing kids in schools at a feverish pitch for reasons I find myself scratching my head. Given what is known regarding the inaccuracies of the COVID tests, they will use them to their advantage. The results will be a mass amount of false positives, cases with asymptomatic symptoms that will be used to create panic for those who will listen who have yet to arm themselves with common sense and knowledge.

Below is a chart provided that illustrates what I have tried to describe. The formulas I use are well-established, widely used. Extrapolated on factual and historical data, we can accurately qualify what is happening.

These are your CNN and CBC viewers.  They will then come for our children armed doses of spoiled vaccines due to the improper transit temperature. Below is a chart that illustrates what I have tried to describe. The formulas I use are well-established, widely used. Extrapolated on factual and historical data,

we can accurately qualify what is happening The schools will then proceed to vaccinate our children with the experimental vaccine, or as I like to describe it as, child abuse. They will do this as fast as possible to report back to our overloads. This campaign uses “number fudgery” to alarm parents and creates panic to coerce parents into vaccinating their kids. 

Based on the latest stats, they are reporting, as they call, “alarming number of cases of infected students.” Let’s look at the numbers, look at the science, and correctly qualify what they are reporting.

First, we have the number of cases, which was 6343 at the time I last put this report together. We then need to bring into the equation the population we are dealing with, and from what I can determine, we are sitting at about 2 million kids enrolled in schools. I want to note; all my stats from Ontario’s website. 

We now need to determine the risk factors of our children getting sick, ending up in the hospital and dying from COVID. For this, once again, we have over 18 months of data we can use to estimate this accurately. So once we factor all this in, we come up with some numbers that are so far from a crisis. It’s fundamentally wrong what our government, health minister and media are trying to do. Once again, they are framing their report using relative risk factors that make matters look far worse. It’s not like they are a bit off in the inference their reporting makes; they are off by exponential amounts. 

Given what we know about how COVID affects children, with the biological factors making it very difficult for them to become infected, the risk-benefit of giving children the still-experimental mRNA does not make sense. 

Now you may ask, why are the schools pushing so hard to have our children vaccinated. Well, follow the money. There is a considerable incentive and pressure for schools to promote and have all attending school kids vaccinated because participating schools get funding, and I mean significant funding in the name of COVID. This money can be used for all sorts of things, things like upgrading HVAC systems, better WIFI or perhaps upgrade offices and the teacher’s lounge, you name it, the options are only bound by what can be creatively called a “COVID” expense. 

What about a new 85-inch plasma TV to show children official and essential educational information about the virtues of the vaccine. Once all that COVID propaganda is drilled into our children’s brains, resulting in them all wanting to become pharmacists, we can then repurpose those 85 inches of plasma goodness for the big game in the teacher’s lounge, correction, newly renovated teacher’s lounge.  

Here is just a tiny smattering of the COVID Cash up for grabs for those schools who behave by having all those little ankle-biters jabbed.  •$383.6 million to help support school boards in having staffing in place to navigate a safe school year ($304 million via PPF and $79.6 million through the Language Grant in the GSN) •$20 million for re-engaging students and reading assessment supports •$34.9 million in additional technology funding (including an annual $14.9 million investment to support technology, such as devices for students in the GSN, and $20 million in connectivity supports for remote learning technology) •Up to $508 million for school boards to access up to two per cent of reserves to support COVID-related expenses. •TORONTO — The federal government is providing Ontario schools with more than $500 million in funding to cover pandemic-related infrastructure upgrades, such as improving ventilation and investing in broadband infrastructure to support remote learning

As The Honourable Patty Hajdu, our Minister of Health, says. “Widespread vaccination is critical in helping to end the pandemic, and youth play an important role in helping us get there. These projects, funded through the Immunization Partnership Fund.” 

Hard Stop: Can she please explain this one. How the hell does the Pfizer jab result in immunizations? Has she not seen what is happening? So please,

provide substantive evidence of this “immunization that she believes to have occurred.  

“… are using tailored strategies to reach youth, their parents and caretakers, and teachers to share evidence-based and credible COVID-19 vaccine information…” 

Hard Stop:  Can the Minister of Health please provide any evidence the vaccine has been effective and that we are not simply chasing down COVID playing WACKAMOL with booster shots. Based on the numbers I have reported on and that I have seen worldwide, the current efficacy of the vaccine falls below 40%. Also, one should be well aware that the booster’s shelf life is already behind the latest variants, and it too will fall result in the same failure we saw with Jab one and two. 

and she continues.” …to encourage youth to get vaccinated against COVID-19. If you have not done so already, I encourage you to get vaccinated today.”

Based on Ontario’s stats, how in the world can one even suggest that vaccinating our children is a safe and good idea. We are already seeing reported cases of heart issues with healthy young people. I also see there is a rush to automated defibrillators to be installed in schools, and now with Pfizer’s new blood thinner for blood clots for kids, what in the heck are we preparing for? 

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