Are We simply tracking the realities of Life Expectancy?

I keep hearing the reported number of COVID deaths in the US, and based on what I have seen in the stats I have looked at, I called bullshit. I then, as I usually do, looked for data to download and analyze. I remembered hearing months ago was that the calculated chance of dying of COVID was lower than life expectancy. This observation is critical when we look at what is happening now in the reporting of COVID deaths. I immediately found that the vast majority of deaths classified as COVID deaths were from people over 65. Another important fact that we need to be aware of is that these reported numbers are deaths where COVID was merely present and not always the cause. So these are COVID-related deaths, but the media is running with the story live of COVID deaths.

Another documented factor to consider in the US and here in Canada is that the COVID-related deaths involved three or more comorbidities. This means for someone who arrives at a hospital with heart issues and later succumbs to their condition since all patients receive a COVID panel. If the tests return positive, the death is classified as “COVID related.”The PCR Cycle Threshold used to conduct the PCR tests are higher than the recommended settings, resulting in a 65% inaccuracy and many false positives. What ends up happing is many of those who tested positive may more than likely display no clinical symptoms whereby only dead COVID particulates were detected.

So, where am I going with all this? I’m wondering, with so many of the reported “COVID Deaths” being elderly, reflective of the eventuality of life expectancy, are we merely documenting what would have happened without the presence of COVID? The confidence level of these posted recorded deaths is shallow from a study perspective. When reading a research report, the range of the CI provides assurance (or confidence) regarding how precise the data are. The CI raging represents the confidence level of a given outcome. Confidence levels usually seen in reports are around 95%, anything lower than 80%;

I would usually not count the report as factual or settled science.  I would argue that the possibility of these deaths of the elderly happening with or without the presence of COVID would be high, putting the CI  less than 40% or even lower. In Alberta, for example, 93% of the COVID deaths were over 60, whereby up to 75% had three or more comorbidities. Even if we use a conservative 50%, this number drops from 2698 is 1349. If we consider life expectancy, we could reduce this number by a further 40% which is a very conservative adjustment, putting the total COVID-related deaths at a more plausible 809. Some have estimated that these numbers would be far less, 6% of 2698, putting the deaths total at about 162COVID deaths and not COVID-related deaths. So now we live in a world with grim statistics of the hundreds of thousands of reported COVID deaths in the US. But one thing that has gone unnoticed by the media 95 percent of COVID deaths occurred among people who were 50 or older. About 8 in 10 deaths have been among people 65 and older, according to the latest demographic data available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Overall, in just a matter of months, the coronavirus has infected 9 million Americans and killed more than 229,000. If we perform the same adjustments, this number is about 13,740, which is around the numbers I have seen on other forums and reports. It would be accurate to say COVID-related deaths are overstated. We have not even considered that many of those deaths were due to the Flu since it seems the flu has been eradicated as there have been no cases reported COVID started. Subtracted those that would have been the Flu since.

What the numbers are, we may not know fully for years since here in Canada, many of the provinces are not reporting all the data, and in Ontario have removed or buried 2020 data because they do not want people like myself comparing numbers. So when I hear the number of about 25,000 COVID-related deaths for Ontario, I know pretty much for sure these numbers are more than likely around 2600 – 4100, putting the numbers around a bad flu season. One thing is for sure; I do not believe the 25000 number to be accurate. In time the real COVID numbers will be determined, and I fully expect the numbers I am suggesting will be close to what we will see.

These numbers will be published when COVID is a distant memory or during the judicial inquiries to address the coercion and payoffs that many claims have happened and continue to occur as we continue with this utter debacle. There were just too many corruption opportunities since those in charge dealt with Big Pharma, whose lengthy litigation and settlements. Even under normal circumstances, the public procurement process poses one of the most significant risks for corruption among all government functions. In the healthcare sector, the procurement of pharmaceuticals and medical devices is particularly prone to corruption.

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