Moderna – Flush with FU Money

Back in 2019, Moderna was on the brink of sinking as a company. Investors were leaving, and the writing was on the wall. Internal company emails and communication are calling for cutbacks and preparation for an inevitable complete financial implosion. Then comes news of a saviour or, as an ex-employee describes as their Hail Mary.

By the end of 2019, things for Moderna were improving since they heard from the leader of the NIH lab telling them to get ready for 2020. They were soon told of very hush-hush news from those very few in the know of a Wuhan incident, and something significant was to come. 

Moderna was advised to push ahead in the coming weeks and months with the mRNA vaccine trials. While the rest of the world had no idea of what was about to unfold, Moderna had the inside track on a world event; the timing and the actual type of infectious disease would be at play. 

But the problems for Moderna were far from over since the very early trials of the mRNA concoction were not looking good. We know now that significant side effects led Moderna to state that they would reformulate the vaccine in question and pause trials on that vaccine candidate resulting from very early small human studies. 

The initial work on the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine was intended to be a demonstration project only. Still, things forged ahead due to mounting pressures and what I can only imagine the smell of money, truckloads of it. It seemed the mantra was “this is happening regardless.”

Moderna had the inside track and had enough information to put all their eggs in the COVID and Wuhan basket. Even with their severe financial worries as their company seemed to hang on by a very slim thread, they were forging ahead as if they were flush with cash reserves. 

For Moderna, things just kept on getting better; I mean, you couldn’t paint a better comeback story; this was on a Rocky Balboa level in the final rounds with Drago. 

Moderna was given the green light to bypass long-time R&D and quality controls to expedite the vaccine in late 2019, as politics fueled the race for a vaccine. It now became an election card, and this was going to happen and happen fast. 

After a sterility test and very few other mandatory trials, the first batch of its vaccine shipped. For the first time in a long time, Moderna’s stock price surged. 

Regulatory agencies allowed Moderna to bypass significant aspects of traditional animal trials, which many experts reported highly unusual. Deemed necessary due to the urgency of the crisis and the highly political pressures from the infamous “Operation Warp Speed.”, this is where things get even father off the rails of ethics. 

Instead of developing the vaccine in distinct sequential stages, which is the usual standard practice during testing, to cut corners and save valuable time, Moderna was approved to simultaneously perform all of the steps relating to the animal trials. In other words, confirming that the candidate is working before manufacturing an animal-grade vaccine, conducting animal trials, analyzing the animal-trial data, manufacturing a vaccine for use in human trials, and beginning human trials were all conducted simultaneously by Moderna. This fact resulted in the human trial phase of the Moderna vaccine developed without the much-needed information usually gathered during animal-trial data. This fact is shocking since previous attempts were faced with issue after issue as they could not safely exit animal trials to begin human trials. When they conducted earlier animal trials, they observed reduced fertility in rats that received the vaccine and an increased proportion of aberrant bone development in their fetuses. Another concern was the accumulation of vaccines in the placenta. Other more sinister findings just now being uncovered were their failure to investigate the effect of vaccine doses administered during key pregnancy milestones, such as embryonic organogenesis. Today we are seeing an alarming number of stillborns in local hospitals; could this be related?

The shocking thing is that we only started testing the safeness of the mRNA in pregnant women in mid-July 2021 and is projected to conclude in early 2024, which is crazy. So if we get something wrong, do we all get into a big-time machine and go back in time to fix it? 

What’s even more mind-blowing, the CDC relies on passive reporting to justify their approval and use the vaccine in pregnant people, breastfeeding, trying to get pregnant now, or might become pregnant in the future without any scientific and solid trials conducted. 

What also should be pointed out is that the timing of the Moderna deal announcements seemed orchestrated so that the upper-echelon of investors and senior management could “adjust” their stock portfolios to benefit from all of this. Reflecting back before this all happened when Moderna was facing financial ruin, the US government, through Operation Warp Speed, literally threw them a hail marry with a 483 million dollar award to accelerate the development of its vaccine candidate for the novel coronavirus. A year later, the amount invested in Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine by the US government had grown to about 6 billion dollars, just $1.5 billion short of the company’s entire value at the time of its pre-COVID IPO. While this shift in the economic financial-tectonic plates occurred, millionaires and billionaires were created pretty much overnight while the rest of the world waited on a vaccine.

There is so much still in question with the Moderna vaccine, a major one being the delivery system used by the vaccine. They even came under fire for using a patented design from another company. There continues to be legal posturing around this, but in the end, the government was to “trust” Moderna. So to this day, we genuinely do not know what is in the Moderna vaccine. 

We now see the results of both the Moderna and Phizer vaccines with injuries reported worldwide. We see the failing efficacy to the point of it as the potential cause for breakouts of variants; this may be the posterchild-example of how not to conduct a world immunization and why testing procedures and trials can never become political. 

I have only scratched the surface on what can best be described as a complete and utter cluster fuck of greed, politics, and incompetence. This has all resulted in the nightmare we find ourselves in now. We find ourselves pot-committed and seemingly married to the big fat and ugly ass-Pharma for years and years to come. 

Our governments are locked into contracts that are so one-sided, and were never scrutinized through a normal public process. They have all been made secret through iron-clad NDAs. Any documentation we have seen has been heavily redacted, which further raises suspicion.  

It has come to the point if you use an uncensored search engine and look for mRNA and the words scandal, you come up with literally thousands of hits. Some are admittedly sketchy, but some are actually from known and reliable sources. When I feel there is nothing further one can report on this COVID story, there seems to be an endless train of what soon will become evidence in tribunals and trials in the years to come. 

I just for this messaged to me, check out their stock prices.

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