On the cusp of a pending “next wave,” hoping for an end to this COVID nightmare, we find ourselves scratching our heads and asking a lot of questions. But this is not like any other disease that we have experienced. These vaccines we currently have are nothing like vaccines of the past that made us immune. Even if the vaccine was reminiscent of those vaccines, I fear, based on what I have seen and read, COVID is not going away.
COCID19 was not created in nature; its creator was not Mother nature but artificially manufactured in a lab in China. It was manufactured as a bio-weapon with all the markings that we see playing out in real-time. The virus is mutating faster than vaccines can keep up. Called “gain of function,” whereby you take a disease found in animals, make it thousands of times more virulent, and then make it transmittable to humans. This work was happening in secret in the Wuhan lab, and somehow, there was a leak.

COVID is not going away; a reported 150 variants are circling the globe right now. Some of the active variants are very mild, but some, like the African variant, are far more deadly than any of the variants we have seen date.
COVID is doing what it does best, functioning as a highly effective weapon. Its job is to infect its payload to as many people as possible. To adapt and mutate so that destroying it becomes all but impossible. We can be thankful that its payload is not something as horrible as Ebola because if that were the case, entire populations would be gone by now.
This is why gain of function experimentation has been stopped globally, but it was let to continue thanks to Dr. Fauci’s incompetence.

My feeling is, unless we totally rethink this thing, get our governments on board with other treatments like Ivermective and Z PAK and monoclonal antibodies, we are in for a long haul.
If I had a magic wand, I would make the following happen.
We need to remove politics, greed and global agendas. Listen to science, not specific hand-picked scientists to aggressively target this thing.

Focus on what data tells us to, and that is to safeguard those at risk while supporting those who are not in keeping the economy open and flourishing. Hold the media accountable to higher standards, supporting the greater good. Trust yet verify when provided “expert opinion’ from advisors before enacting wide-sweeping changes.
Remove the burden of all that is COVID from our children and the education system. Hold accountable big pharma and have an executive order signed enacting the cancellation of all one-sided COVID vaccine contracts with Phizer and Moderna to be replaced with the proper contract negotiated contracts.
Last but not least, challenge big tech to be represented by all political parties changing how it is today a very left-leaning socialist platform with very strong agendas censoring those who oppose their view. Facebook, Google, and Twitter will dismantle into smaller separate companies by selling-off assets such as Instagram and WhatsApp as independent businesses.

This has become much bigger than COVID; it’s about billions of dollars, political power and the big reset. It’s become about segregation, division and turning on your neighbour. This has gone far beyond disease and a search for a cure. What has been stirred up is far worse than the disease itself that will leave a moon size crater where once lived humanity and civility if we do not start stepping this one back. Remember all this when it comes time to vote. Who stood up, who simply folded their arms and fell into line questioning and validating nothing. We are not conspiracists; we are not anti-vaxxers or doomsayers; we are simply awake, and the rest of the world better wake up soon because soon there will be nothing left to save.

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