We Are Doing a Horrible Thing

When will we start listening to common sense, reason, and logic and stop doubling down on a failed plan being seen worldwide? When will we realize that we got this wrong and this is not the pandemic we were told it was? The numbers reported have been proven to be sub-pandemic, yet the media continues to ignore what has become more than evident.

The government and media are risking the wellbeing of our children, wanting to vaccinate them. Vaccination is a measure reserved for those at high risk. Why are we applying medical health care that protects those at high risk to young children? There is no science to back this non-sensical approach. The vaccines, masks and other protective measures are best utilized where it is most needed.

To provide some context that the government nor media will tell you, the chances of a young person in Ontario contracting and dying from COVID is 000014%, which is from a general prediction, non-existent. Why then do we have kids wearing masks in schools? Why is the government wanting to vaccinate our children with a yet-to-be fully approved treatment?  There is just so many things we are doing or plan on doing that is not supported with science and more to do with political agenda. We have to take politics out of healthcare. We have people dying every day because doctors are not allowed to prescribe Ivermectin or Monoclonal Antibodies, which I am sure you have never even heard and that in itself is a shame. Our entire handling of the COVID situation has become more about bout politics. Listening to paid-for scientists and not listening to science are two vastly different things, and why we see that we are no further ahead compared to this time last year.

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