Show Me Your Papers

So if you thought entering a restaurant or other establishments requiring proof of vaccination meant you have to show proof of immunization, you are sadly mistaken. They are required to also to see your proof of identification to make sure you are who you say you are. So while you may think this has to do with COVID, by submitting to this, they have now tracked you, and if you don’t believe that is significant, then I am sorry to say you have your head in the sand, and you genuinely need to start some homework.

This planned digital ID will be tied to your smartphone under the guise of needing your phone’s data to verify your vaccine status to ensure it has not expired and is valid. Once this has been established, they will have accomplished the foundation of their social credit system. They will have the power to now track your every move, your every purchase, access your every tweet and Facebook post. See all your photos and text messages; they can, if they wish, turn on your camera without you even knowing. Total social surveillance will have arrived, and you didn’t even see it coming; you were following the rules and had blind trust in those who have recently proven do not deserve it.

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