The Flu Season vs COVID Season

The data below illustrates the similarities of the peaks and valleys of outbreaks of COVID illustrated by the bar charts, are too similar of those of the 8 flu season identified by the layered line graphs. Since the Flu is very similar to COVID in it’s genetic makeup, it seems they also share seasons. Has COVID season now become the new Flu season?

To be clear, COVID-19 is not a hoax. It is real and it causes real-world damage and real-world heartbreak, but it is not the killer it has been made out to be. Conversely, the public health response to COVID-19 has been an abysmal failure. At every turn, the effects and danger of COVID-19 have been exaggerated, and the collateral damage of government mandates and government- and media-induced panic has been swept under the rug. How did we do it? How did we turn a disease that is equivalent to a bad flu into a worldwide disaster?

We overreacted; we changed the way we detect viruses; we changed how we record deaths and destroyed (literally and metaphorically) tens of thousands of lives with panic.

It is critical to view COVID-19 in the same manner we look at other diseases. We do not tally deaths across multiple years for flu, measles, heart attacks, auto accidents, or almost any other condition. If we did, flu deaths could be in the hundreds of millions if we went back far enough.

The yearly seasonal totals for deaths from flu establish a baseline of what our society will tolerate without locking down, masking, or closing schools or businesses, along with providing guidance as to the proper response to COVID-19. In perhaps the most significant panic-fueled move, the government changed how mortality statistics are collected, and COVID-19-labeled deaths became ubiquitous. Previous to the change, COVID-19 needed to be an underlying condition in a chain of events that directly led to the immediate cause of death for the death to be considered a COVID-19 death. Under the new guidelines they have been using for over 15 months, instead of being an underlying cause of death, today, when COVID-19 can be merely a contributing factor, the death can be labelled a COVID-19 death.

What this translates to is an Alzheimer’s patient on death’s door who tested positive to COVID with no symptoms of COVID would now be a full-blown COVID-19-labeled death. We never treated the flu this way, which is why we never saw the numbers we see now with COVID. One thing to note and is very important is that we do not track flu statistics throughout the year as we do now with COVID, and we do not classify deaths as flu deaths if the flu is present at the time of death. If we had, the stats for flu would be very similar to COVID.  This change in record-keeping became the fuel to power long-term panic. As we became more efficient at finding COVID-19, we have become more willing to put COVID-19 on a death certificate, regardless of its level of contribution to the death, a reality now voiced by health care workers recently coming forward. I truly wish more people did a little research as I honestly feel more would see what many are seeing. Some suggest COVID has become more about fueling the Big Reset than anything else.

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