In Alberta, and pretty safe to assume, all over Canada, according to death records, the most common comorbidities include influenza and pneumonia, respiratory failure, hypertension, diabetes, and cardiac arrest.COVID-19 deaths are not easy to predict or prevent based on comorbidities that, for what is evident, are undiagnosed, resulting in ticking time bombs that are lurking in the shadows. Has COVID-19 served as a test of people’s general condition and overall health and has brought to light something we all knew but did very little to deal with the more significant issue at hand. Are we labelling the wrong thing the bad guy here? 30% of the population is obese, and almost 40% are considered overweight is perhaps who the real bad guy is.  It would be interesting to see stats captured on the “health factors” of each COVID patient: body weight, fat levels (BMI), smoker, drinker, condition levels.  I would be willing to bet that we would see a population with compromised immune systems.

If we had dealt with this back when we saw this trend happening back in 1978, perhaps COVID would have been a non-event today.

The irony of it all, rather than talk about health, exercise and immune-boosting foods and supplements as tools in combating COVID,  we are locking people in their homes that are simply making matters worse, I predict we will see similar things with the flu in the coming years. We have a sick, immune weak population. We will no doubt keep big pharma in business in perpetuity as they will continue only to treat the symptoms and never find a cure since they would never want to lose a paying customer.

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