Why Are We Not Talking About This?

Why are we not talking about the white elephant in the room, that is, comparing the COVID vaccine to successful vaccines from the past? It’s in-your-face obvious the vaccine is not working. Due to being contractually bound, the government is restricting access to other therapeutics and treatments, pulling them from shelves and forbidding doctors from prescribing them. It was agreed when our government signed the contract with Pfizer not to promote or use any other cure resulting in leaving no other options to treat this disease.

Based on Ontario’s COVID data, I could model what an “anticipated death rate” might have been if the COVIDs vaccine’s effectiveness was as effective as historical vaccines, as shown above. With ongoing cases, even among the vaccinated, why are we not talking about the complete failure of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine? Why is the government simply doubling down and not adjusting the course of action based on this reality? We were promised things would be “normal” for those who got vaccinated. I do not see one shred of normalcy out there, do you?

We should not be seeing any published outbreaks by now compared to vaccines of the past; our biggest concern right now should be, “Have I run out of propane for the BBQ? for the party I am having with all my friends?“ But no, rather than fix the problem, let’s place more restrictions on the people. Regardless of your opinion of this current vaccine, our issues are far more profound than I thought if you do not see this.

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