Influenza / Pneumonia Deaths vs. COVID19 Deaths

Collecting this data was difficult, since it seems Ontario and Canada do not want the flu and pneumonia data being compared to COVID data. Some of the more recent data has actually been removed and an entire year of data in one instance. Through other sources I was able to pull together reliable data that I could use to make a comparison. What I found is what many have suspected for a long time. If you look at the mortality numbers in the chart below there seems to be an uncanny similarity in monthly totals when comparing COVID and the Flu/Pneumonia.

As many that have been crunching these numbers knows, that with each recorded COVID death, there is at least 2 -3 comorbidities involved with more than 70% of reported numbers.  This means someone can die from a heart attack where COVID was simply present, and the death is recorded as “Covid related”. The analytic rule has become to deduct a very conservative 30% to 35% from the reported covid deaths. This results in  more accurate reporting of deaths “due to Covid” that  exclude the “Covid Related” numbers.

Based on these non-adjusted numbers, it seems COVID is no more dangerous than any given year of the flu and pneumonia and we have never locked down the country or fired people for not taking the flue vaccine.

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