Alberta Being Victimized

It seems once again, our media and Government are up to their mastery of data fudgery again, making Alberta look like a hotbed of COVID death and casualty. Let’s look at the numbers, qualify them, and make some sense of this.

It is a documented fact, that the deaths that are labelled “COVID-19, virus identified” are in inflated, up to 75% of reported deaths have 3 or more comorbidities. A person may have had a massive heart attack, in grave condition, a COVID panel is performed, tests positive and if the patient dies, it’s a “COVID-19, virus identified” death. The patient, in most cases, had little or no COVID symptoms, but in situations like this, it’s tallied up and added to the COVID bucket.  Meaning, a death in the COVID bucket, a heart attack, pneumonia or a stroke may have been the causation of death and inflates the reported numbers.

In Alberta’s September numbers, they have reported 185 deaths so far, 166 are from people over 60 years old. If you factor in the 75% comorbidity, results is a more accurate 41 deaths that can then be classified as “deaths due to COVID”. For those under 60, the cases are holding at 19 “COVID-19, virus identified”, factor in the 75% again and you are left with less than 5 deaths that can now be labelled “Deaths due to COVID”.

There is no basis for reporting Alberta hospitals are over burdened due to the unvaccinated because the numbers clearly do not support this claim. Alberta’s healthcare system has been in trouble for years. In 2015, due to a very bad flu season we saw pretty much the very same situation boil over where outrage was voiced by the same groups of officials and care-workers. But you will never hear this from anyone in the Government because they want to keep everyone in fear, keep us lining up for those boosters and divide the country further into classes of people.

There is no pandemic, there are no numbers to support it and if you feel otherwise, show me substantive, factual, data-driven-proof and not some meaningless headline from some a media source or twitter feed.

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