Where are the Pandemic Numbers?

Several months ago, the Canadian government removed data reporting on death rates for 2020 and 2021. For decades they have kept these records and made them available for download. I have been searching for months to find replacement data that would show the impact COVID has had but have been unsuccessful. I narrowed my search to Ontario and what I found just recently is that Ontario keeps incredibly accurate records dating back to 1949 with each record supported by an actual official document or death certificate. Knowing not all deaths in Ontario have official papers in the form of a death certificate, however in analyzing the data against a paid subscription data service’s records, there is a direct correlation to these two datasets. as seen in figure 1

Even though there will be deaths not included, using official death certificates is a very reliable indicator of an overall provincial death rates.

In figure 2.0 the numbers do not indicate any spike in deaths, in fact, there is a drop in overall deaths that has been suggested would be the result to the inactivity of people. However, what is also absent here is the predicted vast numbers we were told would be witnessed due to COVID there does not seem to be any. Where are the tens of thousands of deaths we were to see? Knowing they have recorded zero deaths due to the flu, which in itself is factually impossible, since we were on course for a very bad flu season in 2020, are the flu deaths being recorded as COVID to skew the numbers? What is one left to assume? Where are the numbers that we were told we would see? Any COVID related death would be recorded with an official death certificate as normal protocol. If the government has removed data, is not reporting flu related deaths, what is one left to assume?  Knowing full well that if there were numbers to be had, the government and media would be using them to fuel their narrative and scare tactics. What I know now is, I am not seeing any indication of a spike in deaths, leaving me with one question. Can someone please show me where the pandemic numbers are?

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