Below are several examples where data is reported without fully qualifying the data or providing all the data to allow people to more easily form an opinion. I honestly feel that if more people downloaded and looked at the data for themselves, we would not be in this situation.


Based on the latest data from Ontario’s datasets, the feared Delta Variant has not lived up to the Government’s ominous warnings.

According to the recorded ICU visits supports those who have been saying all along that the Delta variant, although more contagious, is far more mild and there is no cause for panic or further lockdown measures.

All the fear and media attention they played to this was unfounded, misguided and needless. The media and the government are perhaps arguably complicit in inciting fear. The media and Government must start reporting honestly based on all the data, the latest science and stop creating fear in the public based on a narrative that us not supported by the data.

The Vaccine’s Effectiveness

Based on Ontario’s COVID data, I was able to extrapolate what an “anticipated death rate” might have been if the COVIDs vaccine’s effectiveness been as effective as historical vaccines. The presumption being, death rates decrease as the population becomes more vaccinated as seen and reported in both the Polio and Measles vaccine.

To be clear, this data is directly from Ontario’s datasets, therefore anyone can download and verify this. This is not opinion, this is data represented using simple line charts and linear regression. 

Alberta’s Death Rate

Using Ontario’s latest numbers, for those 20 and under, in the last 19 months, there have been a total of 25 deaths where COVID was present at the time of death. Yet the government wants to vaccinate this group of young people with no supporting evidence that they need to be.

Alberta – More cases but less deaths?

This chart says a lot, although once again we see reported cases have risen, the more important death rates have dropped off and continue to drop. We can’t let the media and government alarm us as cases with a 98% recovery rate, Alberts is in a pretty good place. It’s important that all the numbers are looked at and not just those that on the surface can be alarming. As long as the death rate remains low, the lockdowns and other draconian measures can be dropped.

You Can’t Blame the Unvaccinated

It seems the latest data does not provide a passing report card for the Pfizer and Moderna treatments. What England, Israel and other countries and even in BC Canada, are now witnessing are reports that question the effectiveness of these treatments. This has many wondering what is going on. 

If we all recall, we were promised that “life” would return to “normal” once certain levels of vaccination was reach? Israel has reached and exceeded these levels and they are no further ahead than they were last year at the same time when nobody was  vaccinate. Now, entering into their fourth lockdown, data shows that lockdowns are the only measure that has resulted and demonstrated a decrease in case levels, and the vaccine has failed as it has not had the desired outcomes we had hoped for.

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