When we here from our Government and Medical / Pharma community about the safety of the vaccines, they usually will sight a percentage where on the surface may sound benign, we need to take into account something very important and that is the sheer numbers we are talking about. When we say something like a 99.973% safety rating when talking about a drug that is administered to 10,000 people, is a number most consider an acceptable rating.  Since that would mean 3 people would have adverse reactions or require hospitalization.

In the case with the mRNA vaccine is where I have issue with the boasted 99.973% safety rating. The sheer numbers we are talking about,  require even more accuracy. With over 5.4 billion people vaccinate worldwide, a 99.973% accuracy would translate to 1,215,000 people at risk of hospitalization. Close is not good enough when dealing with numbers at this scale. It is not acceptable, but people are in acceptance since a the scales of this magnitude have never experienced before.  There are no new established guidelines for any drug administered on this scale and there needs to be.

To explain this in a way that describes this in a relatable way, lets use Tylenol as an example. Tylenol is something that is administered and taken all over the world, hundreds of times more than a vaccine. We can extrapolate what we know now on a worldwide scale and determine approximately 31,250 people will more than likely end up in the hospital, each year due to serious adverse reactions. This is well documented and established fact. This is far less than the 1,200,000 that we can expect to be hospitalized according to the observed 99.973% safety rating. This is why numbers are critically important at the scale of inoculation we have undertaken. We should be requiring a safety rating of no less than 99.99999% safety rating, (yes that’s five 9s).  A safety rating of 99.99999% would mean hospitalizations would be at more acceptable levels of around 45,000. This is still not in line with Tylenol, but I think this is all we can hope for I believe unless new standards to established.

Note: Based on known data, Tylenol safety rating is extrapolated to be estimated at 99.999993%

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