Personal Choice Discrimination

The recent announcements by our government that place further restrictions on those who remain unvaccinated in efforts to “protect those who are vaccinated” have admitted the Pfizer and Moderna treatments are not working. They state “To protect those who have been vaccinated, we must insist those who have not been vaccinated, become vaccinated”. The burning question then becomes which nobody in government will answer; What does it matter what others do, if a person is vaccinated are they not fully protected from contracting COVID? This statement they make is admitting the failure of the vaccine’s ability to provide immunity and stop the spread. It has been proven without a shadow of a doubt, both the Pfizer and Moderna treatments offer no immunity or protection from contracting COVID, and it does not stop the spread, the only thing it offers is a therapeutic response thereby lessening the clinical symptoms. This is a fact and settled science. UK Report – Link Below Therefore, I am left to assume the Government is simply protecting me from the symptoms of COVID by forcing me to take a specific drug even though there are other therapeutics available that are less risky and easier to take?

Pfizer is to release an oral therapeutic near the end of 2021. If the unvaccinated group are being forced to take a therapeutic as a form of protection in efforts to reduce the impact to our healthcare system and economical costs to the country, it would therefore make sense to do the following.

Today *obesity costs to Canada will reach almost $8,000,000,000 this year, which translates to approximately $1,400 per person in Canada. The strain *obesity puts on the healthcare system is immense due to the health complications as a direct result of compromised systems. There are an estimated 50,000 deaths expected this year. More than half of Canadians, 51.1 percent are of an unhealthy weight. Report on Obesity – Link Below This also can be true for those who smoke, the annual health care costs to the country are estimated to be $6,500,000,000 and overall $16,200,000,000 to the country.

Tobacco use is one of the primary causes of preventable morbidity and mortality worldwide. This does not include other forms of tobacco, cigars and pipe and chewing tobacco. Costs of Smoking We also have the personal choice of alcohol that has an impact on both our healthcare system and the economy. Currently, in totality, the costs to Canada exceed $14,000,000,000. Societal costs include health care, lost productivity, criminal justice and other direct costs. We cannot exclude this personal choice group if we are to become serious as the government describes, “protecting each other and our healthcare system” Report on Smoking – Link Below

By exponential margins, alcohol, smoking and *obesity are the three highest “personal choices” groups that impact the healthcare system as well as impact the economy. For the large majority of cases, arguably if not all, obesity, alcohol and smoking are totally avoidable. Therefore, the current restrictions placed on those who wish to remain unvaccinated while ignoring these other “personal choice” groups is discriminatory. We cannot be discriminatory by placing restrictions on one identified “personal choice” group while excluding another.

By definition of discrimination, the current restrictions imposed by our government and employers are discriminatory. The government moving ahead on their policies to restrict those who wish to remain unvaccinated has opened up Pandora’s box. The government must now follow through in protecting our healthcare system and promote healthier “personal choices” for all Canadians.

Will the government impose the same restrictions on those who through “personal choice” drink alcohol, smoke and are *obese the same restrictions? If they fail to do this, this now becomes a case of discrimination.
What I have described here needs to be said, I know some may be triggered or offended, but I am sincere, this has become an absolutely idiotic situation and attack against personal choice. They can not be discriminatory, they cannot attack just one group.

Let’s be clear, and it needs to be repeated: The current medical treatment being forced onto the citizens of Canada has no means whatsoever of blocking the contracting of COVID nor does it protect against transmitting it. It is not a vaccine, it is therapeutic. It was never tested or developed to be an immunization or vaccine, although these words get tossed around and applied incorrectly, it is a medical treatment, more of a therapeutic than anything else. So it is an incorrect statement to say, we need everyone vaccinated to protect others.

The current restrictions placed on those who by personal choice remains unvaccinated is discriminatory and this is now a case where the government is being discriminatory. This is wrong, this goes against the Canadian Human Rights Act and I am hoping people will rise up and now fight with this knowledge.

I truly feel the government did a ready, shoot, aim and made a huge blunder and should reconsider their plan and policies before the country falls into a divisive place entangled in litigation that will last for decades.

* Much like those who may have medical exceptions to the vaccine, there may indeed be the same exceptions offered to those who are obese as each situation is different and there may be cases where one is obese through no fault of their own.


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