What A Real Vaccine Looks Like

When we hear the argument or rationalization as to why there are more cases and hospitalizations of people who are vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated is due to the fact there are more people vaccinated is so seriously flawed. There is absolutely no historical data to support such rationalization and we should not be buying into this flawed way of thinking.

The desperation now being witnessed by the government and big pharma to defend what is proving to be a complete failure, prays on the fact most people will not read reports or studies and rely solely on the news and the media as their prescribed medical gospel. However, those of who read reports and studies are viewed as conspiracists and blamed for the rise in cases. If the COVID vaccine performed as well as the Measles vaccine did, I would not be writing this and you would not be reading this, since we would be out and about busy enjoying our freedoms and COVID would be nothing but a distant memory.

Let’s look at an example of what a vaccine is supposed to deliver in terms of hard numbers and efficacy. The Measles vaccine first started its immunizations back in 1963. The chart below on the left clearly illustrates after successful inoculation, cases and deaths were all but eliminated and to this date there, have been zero cases and deaths apart from a very small spike in the 90s.

Contrast that to what we are seeing now with the Pfizer vaccine with endless boosters insight, and rising cases is truly not what we should be seeing reported at this point in time. Based on this and what seems to be more and more reports of more cases seen in BC, England and Israel, I feel it’s only a matter of time before the wheels come off the handling of this entire COVID situation.

People should be researching, looking at data and not relying on the media to interpret or translate it. We are not being told the whole truth and provided all the information.

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