This is Horrible – They Do Not Work

Why is the government keeping this from us? In these outbreaks, 100% of residents and 96% of staff were double vaccinated. The data from Israel and the UK is clear; the fully vaccinated are being infected, transmitting, being hospitalized, and getting seriously ill from COVID at very high rates – clearly COVID is NOT a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”.  The clinical testing performed on the Pfizer vaccine did not contain popper study cases, if they had, this would have been found out and it would have never been given approval under the Emergency Use Authorization (Operation Light Speed).

In British Columbia, according the B.C. CDC, (BCCDC Data Summary August 26 2021 – page 19), the number of deaths from July 27-Aug 23 were about the same in the unvaccinated vs the fully vaccinated and the number of deaths in the 80+ cohort was actually almost double in the fully vaccinated. This is what we have seen in Israel and England which I have already posted about. This is the smoking gun, the unequivocal proof the vaccine is has completely failed and we need to follow VALID science and data and to create and implement evidence-based policies.

Dividing the country and pitting each of us against one another to explain away what is happening is wrong and our government should be ashamed and held accountable. We need to stop blaming the unvaccinated, and we need to think hard about taking more of this untested, ineffective treatment.

The wheels have come off, now we need to stop and pause from all this craziness and find answers and make those who are not being truthful be held accountable. You cannot argue facts and data like this. This cannot be explained away using what I like to call “COVID Logic”, we got it wrong, this is horrible and it needs to stop.

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