1832 DEATHS IN ONTARIO – .002%


I can see why Ontario has hidden its historical and detailed records of the COVID cases by age and other criteria because the numbers should make each and every one of us angry as hell.

I searched their webservers for the filename I downloaded before, and I struck gold and found the dataset I needed sitting on a server contained in what I can only describe as an orphaned web page.

Armed with the data, I filtered death rates by age and discovered the vast majority of deaths are due to people over 70 with in many cases, with pre-existing health conditions. What I then found, dating back to March of 2020, is expected but still a slap in the face. Based on the latest and all historical data, there is only a .004 percent chance of dying from COVID based on these numbers. Compared to other diseases and everyday risks we accept in our day-to-day lives, the fact our government is mandating vaccines and vaccine passports is criminal and should make one’s blood boil. Every one of us should be contacting our Mayor’s, MPPs, premier and Health Minister with these facts and demand answers. This can no longer stand, it never was a pandemic, our freedoms are being taken away and for no valid, logical or factual reason.

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