Israel has carried out one of the most successful coronavirus vaccination campaigns in the world since the end of last year, but for weeks it has been dealing with a significant increase in infections caused by the most contagious Delta variant of the virus. We can be thankful, the Delta variant is nowhere near as serious, in that its symptoms are very mild. However, it has resulted in making a large chip in the armour of the efficacy of the vaccine. If you recall, we were originally told one shot was going to provide significant protection, up to 75% protection. Then came the second need injection that at its time, was explained to be simply a “top-up” to the total effectiveness and we were told we would be “fully protected”.

But now the sky-rocketing reported cases bring this all into doubt, and, as a result, we are now being faced with another “booster shot”.

How many more boosters will be needed all before the drug is even fully approved? Remember, this is being mandated by employers and is failing. This is the drug that still brings with it risks and injuries that are well documented in the US but are not working as we were promised it would.

This report is troubling as it leaves one to wonder what conclusion to draw from these numbers. This data is directly from Israel’s COVID website, however it took a bit of time to find it. With many reports coming in that truly question the efficacy of the vaccine, this report is even more troubling since these numbers seem to show as the vaccination rolls out, the death rate climes in unison. One would expect the numbers to show an entirely different result showing a steady decline in COVID deaths. This now along with the rising cases, I truly question the effectiveness of the vaccine and further question Is the vaccine making the variants more deadly? Is the vaccine negatively effecting the body’s own natural immunity system? 

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