The Lockdowns have become the Danger!

We really need to come to grips with Covid is not going away, it will be here in its many variations and mutations for a long time. What has become more and more evident is that based on science, the data and experts from a credited authority, these lockdowns did little but delay the inevitable. What we did do by locking down in these draconian measures is kill small businesses while lining the pockets of the large businesses like Amazon and Walmart who report record profits as a result of these lockdowns.

We caused disruptions in the family, suicides which I have spoken about before, and mental health issues to sky-rocket to levels never seen before. We have borrowed trillions of dollars from our future that will be a burden to our children and grandchildren for decades to come.

If we do not come to our senses and learn to go about our daily lives while managing COVID, using more revised and better, safer methods and stop the fear-mongering from our government and media, there will be nothing left to go back to. Our small businesses will be totally wiped from the economy, more will take their lives, more families will be uprooted by forcing unemployed parents to move back home to live with their retired parents who will then have to dip into their retirement savings to support them.

We were told the vaccines and lockdowns would get us back to normal, this has not happened and in fact, the science is now saying we have only made things The CDC on days ago essentially admitted that being vaccinated against COVID doesn’t make you immune.

I have been saying this for months that the mRNA injection, coined as a “vaccine” will not have the desired effects, WE WERE LIED TO and many of you bought it. We were sold on the so-called vaccine that it would protect our loved ones, remember? Well, it turns out it does little to do this and it’s more about self-protection. What’s worse, and I have said this for a long time and was viewed as a conspiracist that the vaccinated will become the next super-spreaders. We are witnessing this now since, in areas of large areas of vaccinations the Delta variant has taken hold more than areas of low vaccination, some are suggesting now that the vaccinated bodies that now host this spike protein are creating these new mutations of the virus.

Read This It seems many will ignore and call all this BS so they don’t have to question their decisions. In fact, what I am seeing now as it sees to pro-vaxxers are banding together to defend their decisions with bully-like mentalities.

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