Symptoms of Vaccine Deaths

Through more late-night research of reading medical reports and science information, I keep finding more and more information that helps me think about a go-forward position on all this COVID stuff. One thing I have determined to be fact is the Pfizer treatment and other vaccines are experimental by definition. They will remain in Phase 3 trials until 2023 and of late the control group have all taken the vaccine, thus basically ruining the trials (Posted about this yesterday). Furthermore, something that some have said before but is worth saying again. Pharmaceutical companies can’t be held liable for any harm or damages caused by the vaccines. Those who are authorizing, advising, or administering the experimental COVID-19 vaccinations may be in fact exposing populations and patients to serious, unnecessary, and unjustified medical risks and we are seeing this unfold now in these recent months. Since it is known the mRNA is based on research that originally used cells derived from aborted fetuses. Why is no one talking about this? I know the “church” as of late has been in hot water over the child indigenous situation, but it seems there is a divided among the powers at being where Christianity stands on this, not to mention, those who would have an issue with this from a moral grounds perspective. Never has an untested inoculation of an mRNA synthesis reagent been used on people. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has no information regarding what can or will happen to the inoculated people, hence no long-term studies and why we are still in trials until 2023. The COVID-19 alpha vaccination is an mRNA that carries a genetic code from (DNA) to the body’s cells. These mRNA, contain the instructions for producing proteins from one part of the cell to another, which once injected connects to your body’s immune cells and “reprograms” the cells to produce virus molecules. When these virus molecules are released, your body’s immune system should identify them and construct the proper antibodies, again, should, but it seems these “instructions” are not sufficient for the variants and there is no study to show the impact of these “code” has on the bodies natural ability to fight off other deceases and viruses. Will this enhance or impede our body’s ability to say fight off the flu or a cold? Again, no long-term studies. This has been a recent pain point with me, and that is the truth about the adverse reactions from COVID-19 alpha vaccinations is not shared in a fully transparent manner by the governments, the CDC or any medical governing body, nor does the media even mention this.There are government compiled statistics detailing the negative health effects and deaths of people who have been vaccinated. To review this information, visit the United States Health and human services (HHS)Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) website(, and after agreeing to some disclaimers, you will find the statistics; probably higher and more astounding than you expected. I have utilized this and have downloaded over 450 thousand records and analyzed them and reported on them. Currently, the CDC was caught deleting and editing data on this source. And just to nail this one down. While the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA shots are labelled or “referred to” as “vaccines,” and news agencies and health policy leaders call them that, the actual patents for Pfizer’s and Moderna’s injections more truthfully describe them as “gene therapy,” not vaccines. Here is an actual link to the patent: and some interesting reading:…/mRNA%20vaccine%20review…Harvard Study:…/mit-harvard-study-suggests…Another Study back when they thought only one dose was needed:…/penn-study-suggests…One of many studies and reports talking about how the nanoparticles move throughout the body:

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