Numbers Don’t Lie

What this illustrates is, we spent too much time and money on testing “not at risk” people, let the media spin the narrative of the rising case without providing the fact over 98% of them are either false positive, recover or simply have dead particulates of the virus making them not sick or able to spread the virus. This is a somewhat complex chart, but worth the time to read it and understand it. But what it says is this. During all the waves, the high number of cases, the one thing that remained low and pretty “flatlined” from a chart perspective were the deaths. This is why I keep saying over and over, we need to stop focusing on case numbers and focus on the sick and death counts. If anyone has any questions, please PM me and I will try to respond when I can. Source of data can be found here:

May be an image of text that says '2000000 ΟΝΤΑΙΟ CASES AND OUTCOMES MAY 2019 to AUGUST 2021 Tests 1800000 Cases Death 1600000 Resolved 1400000 1751459 1647142 1200000 DEATH RATE REMAINED CONSTANT 1000000 1506020 1506028554665 554665 1371636 800000 957122 600000 ALL CASES RECOVERED 764647 24371 688984 1116815 400000 1186462164989 Increased testing looking for something that just insn't there 440819 200000 164440 FIRST WAVE 726629 621276 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun SECOND WAVE Jul Aug Sep THIRD WAVE 217125 Oct Nov AxisTitle Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug'

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